Terrorism !! what does it mean ??

Terrorism !! This expression, which has become on everyone’s lips now a days, what does it  mean? And how it began , and how it can be dealt with? These and other questions which are being raised all the time, which prompted several countries threatening to fight it and eradicate it from existence  . This expression has become a charge ready for each group or people just accusation without evidence or proof, just because these groups or people are working against the interests of these countries who  claim to defend human rights and  nations  freedom . Unfortunately, these arguments are incorrect and unfair in the world of polar and alliances .

That have destroyed the world and still ,  who controls the destinies of peoples and their freedom of choice and to achieve their aspirations for a better life .
We do not advocate terrorism as an expression understood as infringing on freedoms and terrorizing people, where what they are and whatever their identities, but it is necessary to agree on one meaning of terrorism so that we can deal with it and eradicate it from existence as one of the leaders, who announced  that he is keen on the freedom of nations .

How can we believe such these statements and we see these same leaders are doing criminal acts against human liberty throughout the world without a shred of conscience or regard for the value of the rights and aspirations, and there are many examples of that, what we see in Syria shelling brutal to civilians without mercy from the state claims to be a superpower ,under the nose of the same countries that claim to be with the freedom of peoples and that stands silent in front of these crimes .What is happening in Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Palestine  we do not want to separate it, because it is well known to every one .

From here we must recognize that what  some groups or people are doing  may be in conflict with and  exceeded certain laws or regulations in certain countries  , and it may be against some freedoms in these countries, but in return  we must recognize that the unjust practices in many countries may lead to the so-called terrorism, which in this case self-defense, whether we accept it or not .

How we treet our kids ?

The education and care of children from the most difficult thing facing parents, especially in the early years of their life  because most of what children learn is through these year so educators and academics keen seriously  to see that everything that the child receives during these years within the correct and well thought of  educational templates  .   Therefore  schools and educational  organizations introducing better  curriculum especially in kindergarten and preschools period .
But in the past few years Internet entered our homes and become control our way of life and  put  parents and educators in front of a difficult exam in the face of this  technology, which does not take into account the peculiarities of the people and their habits, and it was necessary to stop twice before this challenge.
We do not say that the Internet is useless or that it is not necessary, on the contrary, that the Internet has opened the doors in front of us we never dreamed in all fields, but we must be very careful in terms of raising children and caring of them while they using  using a private online with a sophisticated mobiles which has become accessible to everyone, especially children hands.
I would like to  introduce you this  YOUTUBE   video as proof of what being   traded online without taking into account if it is beneficial or detrimental to our children .  














Watch how the crow behave .

In this experiment  acting of crow was extremely intelligent and worth seeing .this                 experiment been  made by ;

A group of professors at Georgetown University and the truth is that this experiment has succeeded in showing that  CROW also   has  a good intuition and innate intelligence  watch  this video and enjoyed Thank you .


Online work much harder than expected

In fact I found online work much harder than I expected, I did not expect to come across all these obstacles in my way, and I found it very difficult to build relationships with readers and viewers to my site, and the most difficult is to retain  and keep them , even though I have done everything I can as I  know  to reach the largest number of followers for my humble site .
I have noticed afterwards that it is never easy, I have read a lot about the development of this site and tried in every way to be different perhaps gives some results, but no avail.
I said I have to try  other ways perhaps it  gives  best results , I went to YouTube and worked hard to offer a range of different videos of  get what I want, so far provided more than 80 videos and established  three  channels tried my best to be meaningful, useful, and began to  share them   on Facebook and other social networking sites. What do you expect the outcome? Unfortunately, the result was very frustrating I did not expect it at all.
Now, even though I had a really frustrated, but I have not yet surrendered, I do not know how long I can continue, but what I know about myself that I do not give up easily and I will continue until I try ….. I do not know for how long.
I know in advance and as a result of previous experience that what I write now will not find   the readers that  I  want ,  though, I hope, will find who can show me the right way, because in  fact I love this work and enjoy it very much, but I also love that I find who shares  me this feeling, they told me I  have to buy my own domain and contact   with specialized sites  to develop    my website, but I was not convinced so much I do not want a commercial site  I  do not want to sell or buy, I just want to enjoy the follow-up of hand-picked friends and following me without  other  interests than friendship .
Is that possible ?   I hope so .

I come back , but…..

I was out for a period of quite time     from  my website    and I know that this has caused     a serouse    damage to this website and actually happened to what I expected , I    have actually lost most observers of my website and when I went back to see what happened and found out that I was alone without any friends to sympathize with my   current and what happened to this site, which I worked a lot  for it.
You might well ask about any site I am talking? I’m talking about my website :

(  mmmluck.wordpress.com

I come back after a long absence, but   I assure everyone that my absence was against my will to unforeseen circumstances it can not be mentioned now and can talk about in the future .
Now I am  back again wish that my old friends    and followers  to stat a new page  with  my website  .And assure everyone that I’m going to review all the published during this period, and I will come back to writing everything new and meaningful.
I wish everyone success and progress.