While we were …


While we were having our coffee one day evening my wife asked me about the new business,

she was very anxious about our future after I have retired . our income became very little to

cover our expenses .

— Did you think of the new work that your friend told you ?

— Yes I am still turn  it in my head , I have not decided yet .

My close friend told me (his case is the same like mine) he has been searching in the

internet for a while about jobs online , he said most of the jobs online he found are

easy and simple , you can earn a lot of money you might be rich in a very short time .

That sounds very good indeed , but what I have to pay instead ?

He explained how to access to the net , and thousands of sites which offer many many

jobs online and having the best offers with the lowest cost .

I am not convinced , however I entered the sites he mentioned I found thousands of

sites which talk about jobs online , the presentation of the jobs,the features which obtain ,

it was difficult to be rejected it was so attractive ,they are trying to convince you easily

to set the job done and will put before you all the means to help you ,just log in and

leave the rest for them ,the tricks ,techniques , step-by-step instructions.

But none of them are free ,although logging in is not costing much , but you can

smell scam out of these offers .

after months of searching I found that getting a legal job free was not easy ,

companies who offer such jobs are not worldwide , jobs are not available always , the

companies need sort of qualifications and experience ,and they do not pay the amount

of your dreams .

however , there are still some  honest  locations   looking  to hire  qualified persons to

do certain jobs   for them , they are   free   and   safe .

In the coming articles I will explain   more   about   these   sites   and   I           might suggest names  for companies  ask  for  safe  employers  .


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