Make allowances for your own irrationality

The opposite of  ” emotion ” is “logic or  “reason” . As has been noted  above we are  conditioned

in our professional  lives to respect reason , justify  our decisions on ground of logic , and

pretend that emotion has nothing  to do  with it >

But a negotiation is not an either -or situation . The rational  and emotional are interwind >

A rational approach will set the targets  for  a negotiation , and measure its  outcome

in purely  material of  financial terms,  Yet  there is  a  value within  the  negotiation process

itself  – apparently  irrational value – which  can affect  the process and  the result .

This is  sometimes called transactional  value a sense of having got  a  fair  deal  can be  more

important  than rational  self-interest .

Will  continue ……………..


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