How could sex preserve the marital relationship??

The marital relations are the most important human legacies and marriage in this sense a natural instinctive need agree upon human beings since the beginning of creation, has been revised the introduction of all the improvements upon, whether human or of the various religions and cults throughout the ages.
And sex was the most important factors of marriage legislation in order to control the sexual relationship between male and female, the relationship, which was practiced during the early stages without controls during the early stages of human existence, and practices were more like animal, but these reasons seemed to organize the relationship gradually until it reached what it is now.
It was the largest share of religions in creating legislation governing marriage and the relationship between male and female, and deprived the emerging practices of such legislation, and launched their cases illegal relations , some of the communities put strict sanctions for abuse . The marriage becomes nowadays the most important celebrations that cherished by the couple and their families who spend a lot of money to highlight the importance of this occasion , in some societies it takes so long time to prepare for the marriage.
After all, what the duties of the spouses to preserve this sacred contract concluded between them and work on the continuation of this marriage, we believe that sex, which comes as a natural result, must have known that both spouses know their respective roles and work to be responsive and that their mutual desire to respect each other. We believe that the satisfaction of libido for both spouses of the most important conditions for successful marriage and upon the concessions in this case creates more respect.
There are a lot of practices that increase the love and understanding between couples, including, for example, physical sensual caresses especially on sensitive areas of the body that increase sexual desire for them, which makes this process a real pleasure for both, and take the process of intercourse without haste, even if this led to wait for one another for overall satisfaction, in such case we say that this marriage may continue and last forever.
The continuation of marriage is not in fact depends on this factor alone, and sure, there are may be other factors also influence the continuation of the marriage but we believe that this factor is the most important of all.


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