Sunset how do you feel watching ??

Sunset as I think is the most beautiful landscapes imagined by one of the scenes in nature, when you see the sunset you just get the sense of a strange exhilaration, love and a sense of comfort, despite the fact that sunset is the end of the day with all its events, good or bad, as if our sorrows melt and disappear through the brilliant colors  reflect by the rays .

One may say that sunrise should be the most important approaches for the beginning of the day, and the beginning of work on the new  achievement and new success, and this is true  I think everyone would agree upon, the question is of the most beautiful  beginning or end, here’s the difference?

But I do not  know why still the sunset is more charming and influential  and

inspiring  ever, perhaps because we feel that the day has ended and we are waiting for another day gives us new hope of a new success .







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Article Marketing Strategies: How To Write An Article That People Will Want to Read

Isn’t that the crux of the situation? You don’t just want to write any article, you want to write articles that people will actually want to read!

When you think of things from that perspective, it really jolts you into reality, as it’s too easy to get so used to writing articles that you forget that there are actual living people on the other end who are reading them.

Here are 5 tips to help you get back on track to writing articles that people will want to read:

1 – Write a title that will get people’s attention.

The title is the very first line of contact with your potential reader. If the title is not effective, then a reader will pass your article by, not having any idea of what treasures he may be missing.

Here are some guidelines for creating an effective title:

  • Your title should accurately describe what your article is about.That is the purpose of the title–it is there to give information to the potential reader, so that the reader can decide whether the article has the type of information he is looking for.
  • The title should be phrased in a way that will catch the reader’s eye. A few ideas on this:
    • “How To” titles are popular with readers. That means that an article with this type of title will naturally be teaching people how to do something. An example: How To Write An Article That People Will Want to Read
    • Titles that indicate a problem or the solution to a problem are attractive to people. Most of the time when people search online, they’re looking for the solution to a problem. By using a problem solving title, you make it easy for readers to be interested in your article. An example: 5 Tips For Getting Your Newborn To Sleep Through The Night
    • Titles that are in the form of a question are very helpful because often people will type questions into Google when they’re looking for information. The question title is also inviting for a reader–by asking a question straight away, you initiate a response from a reader who is interested in your topic. The response you’re looking for is to take the next step and read your article.
  • Your title should be more than just one or two words. At we have a guideline that the title needs to be at least two words, since that’s a requirement that many publishers have. But, even though two word titles are “acceptable”, I would really encourage you to create a title that has more substance. Remember, the title should tell what the article is about specifically and be phrased in a way that will capture the attention of the reader.

2 – When you’re writing, imagine a real person reading your article.

This would be someone from your target market, who is interested in your niche. They have read your title and been intrigued. Now, does your article provide information that would satisfy a person who was interested in your title?

3 – Choose a topic that addresses a common problem that people in your target market have.

People who have problems related to your niche are extra motivated to be interested in the solution. They are actively looking for content that will help them address their problem.

4 – Be sure that your article provides a specific solution to the problem.

The best articles provide solid, helpful information. Make the article very clear on what steps to take, what tips to try, and what to do after reading your article.

5 – Pay attention to the way your article is formatted.

People who are reading content on the internet are in a hurry–it helps to format your article so that the key points can be gathered in a quick glance. Write in a list format, or make your article into steps that the reader can follow. If your article doesn’t have list elements, then use sub-headings to break up the article.