Sunset how do you feel watching ??

Sunset as I think is the most beautiful landscapes imagined by one of the scenes in nature, when you see the sunset you just get the sense of a strange exhilaration, love and a sense of comfort, despite the fact that sunset is the end of the day with all its events, good or bad, as if our sorrows melt and disappear through the brilliant colors  reflect by the rays .

One may say that sunrise should be the most important approaches for the beginning of the day, and the beginning of work on the new  achievement and new success, and this is true  I think everyone would agree upon, the question is of the most beautiful  beginning or end, here’s the difference?

But I do not  know why still the sunset is more charming and influential  and

inspiring  ever, perhaps because we feel that the day has ended and we are waiting for another day gives us new hope of a new success .








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