An Ordinary Mother and a Great Mother

We   all have mother. Mother’s love is the greatest one in the world. Mother’s love has been following us wherever we go from the moment we were born. As for me, my mother is an ordinary one among them yet the greatest one for me. She played an especially important role in my life.

My mother is a very stubborn and capable woman. She had her own business when I was very young. In order to provide me a healthy and loving environment, father had ever persuaded her to give up her business to take care of me. However, mother refused to that because she believed that she could well take care of me even if she continued her business.

In fact, mother needed not go for work because father can well support our family. However, mother did not do that. She got up very earlier everyday to prepare me a nutritional breakfast. She required me to go to school after meal, or I could not go out. I knew that mother just wanted to ensure me a healthy body. What’s more, she insisted on picking me up after school. I saw mother’s tired face for the first time in my grade 4. However, she had never missed one day to pick me up. Mother’s stubbornness not only offered me a good growing environment but also make my family richer than before.

Mother attached great importance to my studying. She never forced me study. Instead, she argued with me when I wanted to slack off my study. Of course, I lost the arguments every time and went back to study. She even chose the best high school for me, whose tuition maybe 3 times higher than the usual ones. And to make mother happy, I also studied very hard.

She would like spend money on my study and never stint. Instead, she was very frugal for herself. Once I went shopping with her and she fell in love with clothes, yet she did not buy it. She said she would like to save moneyfor me, preparing my study for abroad. However, I disappointed mother that I did not like to go abroad at that moment. Mother did not complain me and she respected my choice. I really love my mother. She understood me so much.

Mother is a woman with foresight. When I was preparing my entrance to college, mother advised me to study English, which, in her thought, would be a great field for me. As for me, I also liked English. Then I entered my dreamed university with a good score in another province. It was very far from my hometown. Mother did not take me to the school, she just saw me off instead. In fact, I had been very independent since I was very young under mother’s cultivation.

My vision had been impairing since entered college, and then I bought a led light bulb from a website. I hoped that it could help my eyesight. It did. To my surprise, mother knew it and came to me with a lot of medicine. I thought she took it too seriously. However, she stated that eyes are the windows of one’s heart and I should protect them. My eyesight did not go down under the effort of my mother and me.

I have been working for two years and mother is becoming old. I will also take good care of her just like what she did to me. My mother is ordinary among the mothers in the world but the greatest one for me.


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