ARAB WORLD for whom do not know .

Th Arab world,  extends ( for those who do not know ) for  more than 15 million square kilometers in the continent of Asia and the continent of Africa from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Arabic Gulf in the east , and from the Turkish border in the north to the equator to the south, these vast areas, which have great differences of climate and the resulting different of the agricultural crops that can be produced in different parts of the Arab world and the great diversity of life for all types of life on earth this variety from the Arab world makes it a unique place of its kind in this diversity that may not exist anywhere else on the planet.

For those who do not know , the Arab World population up to 400 million people and this makes it number three on the world , are distributed in the most important areas of economic and climatic conditions.

For those who do not know the Arab world  we say that this region is the cradle of civilizations humanity throughout the ages in all aspects of life   writing, engineering, mathematics, agriculture, industry and the constructions ,Sumerians and Babylonians   in Iraq to the Egyptians and  their amazing civilization  which still amaze the world charm, passing through the Arab and Islamic civilization  in palistine  Syria  and  the Arabian Peninsula.

And those who do not know the Arab world  we say that the people of this world speak a single language the  Arabic language .
And that 95% of them convert to the Islamic religion, which was brought by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by more than  14 centuries.

The Arab world for those who do not know , has the largest rivers of the world (the Nile) and the largest deserts of the world (Sahara) and the largest oil and gas  reserves .   The areas most sacred to all believers on the planet, Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem and Bethlehem.
And also to add that the Arab world has always been united in one state over the centuries, but some few periods.

And when it returns as a single state has always been, then the world will see a giant state by all means economically, politically,industrially, scientifically, culturally …. And so on.
We do not doubt for one moment that this day would come soon, why??
– Because  we speak one  language.
– Because our religion is one.
– Because our history is one.
– Because of our heritage and our culture are the same .
– And much more.
Is there a reason for unity? No doubt about it.

We know the reasons that prevent this, and known to many  too, we beleive that  will come the day that makes us move beyond these reasons and  achieve  the hope of  millions  for  unity, freedom and justice which  was  in the past and will return soon .


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