Some Glee and OCD

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One of my favorite television shows is Glee. I enjoy the show because of the great musical performances and its coverage of some interesting and controversial topics in a humorous and positive manner. Like all shows, some episodes aren’t so great, but the majority, especially the first two seasons, are very good.

Below a is an example of one of my favorite musical performances. Since the video ends early, I’ll tell you what you miss. When the performance ends, the Glee teacher asks the guidance counselor to marry him. The guidance counselor, Ms. Pillsbury, is also one of my favorite characters. She has OCD, and the Glee teacher loves her so much that he is willing to marry her despite her many eccentricities related to the OCD.

Before the video, I wanted to give a brief overview of OCD. Here’s some information on OCD from Wikipedia:

Obsessive–compulsive disorder

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