Facts about travel -1-

The benefits of travel  are uncountable  whether  for individuals or community. people used  to travel since ancient times and  travel still  great concern for a lot of people, especially  with the tremendous advances in transportation, which shortened  the distances  Which made the world seem as small  village.
In the recent past no less than a hundred years, travel was a big  dilemma for people so it was a little number of travelers that time  because the travel was a major task in terms of effort and cost as well It was confined to small numbers of people, whose life circumstances  or their work  force them to travel .
The ships were   the most important means of travel between the continents were no planes have been invented yet .                                                                              Travel is  becoming  nowadays  a pleasure for many people  around the world and became the indispensability in many cases after expanded the business and   the emergence of multinational corporations whose employees roam the world in search of jobs or new products, and of course accompanied by a tremendous development,In the air transport industry and the development of large aircraft  comes in first place and of the most important  means of travel because it saves time and effort  , trains occupied the second place in terms of importance  especially in medium and short trips    while the ships  moved to third place in terms of its importance in transport of passengers, while increased   in the transport of goods and industrial products around the world.  Now, after the spread of giant cruise and luxury ships , travel has become  a real pleasure  for thousands of people  around the world     returned the ship occupies its place in enriching the tourism and travel.  This progress  accompanied by  great development in the preparation of  tourists and  travelers  development in ways complementary, such as hotels and tourist resorts, therapeutic   tourism, and  development in the corporate travel and corporate aircraft, restaurants, guest houses  and  many others.What follows this expansion of cities and increase the number of people in search of new jobs, which led to the increase of factories and number of automobiles and other means of transport, increasing  congestion and increased with pollution and global warming pushing the psychological pressure and physical and we were paying in terms of we do not know the price for this development .


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