Facts about travel -2-


I think that travel is an urgent need for many of us to explore what is hidden from the places we visit or the people  we meet in our travel , and  whether  we like it or not travelling teaches us that we must  accept the reality that we see and do not try to judge things from our own perspective.
In this respect traveling  consistency between reality and the  unbridled desires to enjoy what we see and therefore supposed to know prior to the travel plan that we have prepared and have the potential do not want to be useless . In fact,  travel  is  fun and a great experience worth the risk and fatigue stress , and also try to enjoy what we see of the scenery had not seen  before ,have  read about or heard it from someone and want to see ourselves, or we experience new types of   food or drink, or  testing services, hotels  , and other commodities  and services  ,  participate in the celebrations we had dreamed to attend    before, or an event dear to us ,  the targets  of traveling   are vary from one person  to another, and these goals determine the destination and the experience and the desire to  achievement which varies depending on the goal that we have set in advance and we aspire to achieve.
Travel for tourism and is it tourism to identify archaeological features, or to see cultural landmarks or natural features or otherwise. Is  tourism for physical  or  psychological     treatment   or for convalescence   and recreation treatment   , tourism   for attending   a scientific conference, literary, or political   conference   ,by the way, the political conventions have increased these days   with the growing   problems of the world that do not find  successful  solution   to any of them . Traveling From this perspective,   should be highlighting the top scorer of the noble endeavor to achieve and we dream that we see in today’s world .

I wish  you a pleasant   journey and a real   pleasure in  your next  traveling .


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