How to be a provision in facing the problems ??

As long as there is continuity in the life course ,   there certainly will be  continue   in facing of  problems and that never-ending but  by the end of life it self   , a fact that I do not think anyone would argue about it.
Difficulties or problems, , you may  see  every day and rarely a day goes by without facing what you hate or do not like confrontation  and seek to avoid, whether this was  at work, at home, in the street or even in the   neighborhood  .

As long as we recognize the existence of these problems  in our lives has become necessary for us to know how we will face  without fall in  taboos and prohibitions that do not want to put ourselves  in it.
1-  You should try as much as possible for  not to sink in to the  endings of these problems, which can lead to serious consequences to be difficult to resolve later. In other words, to deal  with them simply and without complication and  not to give  it more  than it  actually deserves,In this case we can deal with it without additional problems  .

2-  Dealing with each problem separately and not to confuse  things, because each case has a solution different from the other and in this case, keep things under control and to the extent possible to solve.
3-  Do not rush to judgment and to take action, and wait to study the situation, no obligation patience to the maximum extent possible,so as not to leave room for interventions if it is within the minimum so as not to complicate the problem and that  make  it  difficult to find the right solution .
4-  Try to collect those involved in the problem together in a  quiet   and comfortable  place    that everyone feels relaxed and comfortable which are required valuable such cases, which will facilitate discussion and conversation between them, and certainly help in finding appropriate solutions .
5-  If the problem involved in two, three or more try at first to talk  with each one separately and understand his point of view and visionof the solution can be accepted. And then you have a range of ideaswill help you when negotiating to find the best solution.
6- The confrontation, after they have all the previous steps,every  thing now became   clear  you have   a complete  idea  about  the problem and see the other side of the solution that acceptable, ie, you have the data required to solve the problem, collect  out  the   adversaries  of the problem together and  let them into dialogue to discuss aspects of the problem and you be the observer and the rule if necessary but  do  not interfere, unless  you feel that things will escape from your hand .
7- The peace, and no matter how long conversation and debate between adversaries must be to reach a solution that  satisfies all parties, and here comes your turn decisive in persuading  everyone a to turn the page on the dispute and reconciliation  together.
That the role that you’ve done for the benefit of all will remain in place, but it will spread to other Amkth will talk about the people and this will be the greatest prize may acquire at any time.

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