Sunday post :In order to search for the truth

The truth is the most important produced by human civilizations since the dawn of history, and was seeking to establish the principles of  seeking truth in the communities as the ultimate goal of mankind, no  meaning for  our    existence without  knowing  the truth, and  all  religions  asked the followers   to search for the truth (the truth of creation and configuration , the fact of  the relationship  between   man and  God, and the fact of  GOOD  and EVIL )
The absolute truth is the presence of   GOD     Find the creatures, which laid down the principles of justice and truth  in all aspects of our existence.

If you look what is happening in the world today, we find that  researcher for the truth facing many difficulties, harassment, why?  Because our societies today is no longer interested to know the truth  only if they achieve self-interest, hence the truth has become relative  and depends on each person to see their importance in achieving the interest.
These new Machiavellis  as I like to call them, have knowledge of the truth based on the principle (  goals justifies the means) and they are ready to follow any means to achieve their goals do not care if it is at the expense of knowledge and justice. This principle continues to spread in our communities  these days, regrettably  while  researchers  for  the truth a few  marginalized pariah though they were causing a threat to Machiavellis , but they are and will continue to uncover the means of these  suspicious in coloring the truth in line with their goals and for the facts and establish the principle of interest, first and foremost.

Zohey's Truth is Love

Zohey’s Truth is Love (Photo credit: Advertise2win®)

for example   :

How many of us who is willing to sacrifice money or dignity, liberty, or even self for the sake of telling the truth?? Question may be difficult to answer with the spread of material values and became unruly  material interests are driving our societies, is no longer the spiritualvalues that influence human noble called for in the march of society.
Here is the real   danger, and without the firm belief that we have ,  that  right will win in the end  , and that God is right and this is  the absolute truth,we would say that humanity inevitably going into the unknown .


Truth (Photo credit: d4vidbruce)

Good and Evil

Good versus Evil
Good versus Evil (Photo credit: Helico


3 thoughts on “Sunday post :In order to search for the truth

  1. l read your blog about education Please read the poems of Dr,TAHA HUSSEIN THE EGYPTIAN WRITER,THE GREATEST ARABIC WRITER ,then tell me you know what educating people means.
    Best regards.jms


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