Sahara / desert .

Sahara is  the name of the largest desert of the world  , it  is  located  in  North

Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sand dunes of Erg Awbari (Idehan Ubari) in the...

Sand dunes of Erg Awbari (Idehan Ubari) in the Sahara desert region of the Category:Wadi Al Hayaa District, of the Fezzan region in southwestern Libya. Italiano: Dune di sabbia dell’Erg Awbari (Idehan Ubari) nel Sahara libico, regione del Fezzan, Libia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Africa, which covers an

area of millions of square kilometers  and includes the desert in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco,Mauritania, Chad, Niger and Mali.
As everyone knows the desert is famous as one of the hardest and most difficult areas of life on Earth, and therefore find that the population of no more than a few thousand living a precarious life depends on movement for water and grass  for their herds of cattle which are the main wealth . When we talk about Sahara  ,   of course, do not include those deserts  that spread into the rest of the continents   around the world.

Sahara desert from space. Русский: Пустыня Сах...

Sahara desert from space. Русский: Пустыня Сахара из космоса. Українська: Пустеля Сахара з космосу. (Photo credit: Wikipedi

But despite the harshness of life in these deserts, but it has a special magic    and  specially in  spring seasons  as the flowers  spread along hundreds of kilometers sometimes with a very beautiful scenery .





14 thoughts on “Sahara / desert .

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. You show how there is beauty everywhere. My father has been here & my BIL has been here. I even have a BFF that has been here. I love looking at pictures of other parts of the world. Thank you for sharing my Friend. 🙂


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