Sunday post : Facts about ISLAM

Islam is the most prevalent religion in the world right now, and there are thousands who convert to Islam each year , that  is not limited to class, region or a particular people, but that includes all  who may have the conviction of the religion and recognize the  great  principles of this religion  .                             Islamic religion, age is now more than 1400 years and still keeps the same momentum since that time, did not change anything of its  alphabets or letters  and still  maintain  the same principles.

The number of Muslims today, more than 1.6 billion deployed in all parts of the world   and keep  increasing continuously, with the presence of faithful missionaries who roam the  earth east and west of the publication of this tolerant religion and its teachings.                                                                                               Koran, a Muslim holy book in which a character has not changed since coming off one by more than 1400 years and this according to religious scholars and sociologists  that is one  of the most important reasons for its strength and greatness of God and vowed to save it without distortion or change .

The Koran does not translate into any language , and to be read only in Arabic language  but can translate the meanings that indicated by the verses to understand their meanings for who does  not speak Arabic, but these verses are not translated, meant that the Koran read only in Arabic, which it was revealed, and here was the importance of learn Arabic for the Muslims so that they can read the Koran and understand the beautiful meaning of it .

For more interesting  information  please see the following  video :


                            DAWA TV – A Video PlayList on Dailym

English: A picture of people performing (circu...

English: A picture of people performing (circumambulating) the . This picture taken from the gate of Abdul Aziz seems to divide the Kaaba and the minarets into mirror images of one another. Français : Pélerins en train de réaliser la Circumambulation (ou Tawaf) autour de la Ka’ba. Photo prise depuis la porte Ibn Saud, d’où la vue présente une symétrie en miroir presque parfaite. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


14 thoughts on “Sunday post : Facts about ISLAM

  1. “this tolerant religion” – there are certainly a lot of people that are not like this. We have found 14 verses where Allah calls for death of non believers. On the other hand so does the Jewish Old Testament where God directs Hebrews and aids them(allegedy) to kill other tribes of people. Hinduism. Buddhism and Christianity have no such references.


  2. I am sorry to hear that , it seems that you have not read a lot about Islam you may not be absorbed the meaning of these verses , my dear, do not forget that Islam is a divine religion is not any man-made and that was enough to make it different from Buddhism and Hinduism.
    Anyway thank you for your valuable participation .


  3. Thank you my friend for visiting in my blog, I appreciate it. For me, everyone has the freedom to talk about his religious principles. I like the photo Kaaba, it’s a very famous place in the world 😛


  4. I have some Muslim friends, and am always sad that they do not share more about the religion because i would like to learn more than what I know and see in the public esp. with current events. I have also heard that Islam is a peaceful religion, but nothing I know of it (because of popular extremists) relates this. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Thank you for your interest there are many sites talk about Islam I recommend if you see the following video ” He accept Islam ” and go to the site mentioned in the video you will get some of your request . thank you again for your sharing and your interest .


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