Our small world and our attention with others

I think as many believe   that the Internet is one of the most beautiful additions found in the world so far, for ease of communication and exchange of ideas and opinions among people around the world without any barriers or obstacles, of course, in addition to many other benefits, can not be mentioned in this article.
The ease of communication has made our world smaller than we always believe and brought the distances between peoples, which led to our involvement in  other nations     

Which made us indulge – if we  want  that or not – respond to other people’s problems and concerns and do whatever we can to help those who need assistance wherever they are, is’nt that  wonderful?
Some people may say that this is greatly exaggerated and that many people have their own concerns, which prevent them  of  follow-up to the concerns of others and their problems, this may be true, but there is no excuse for us to ignore the concerns of others and their need for help.


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