Women`s Rights

Women of the Middle Ages in all cultures seem to be almost invisible in history. From written records and art we can get a glimpse of women’s lives. But the written records and art usually reflect the lives of the famous or wealthy. The life of the common woman is less clear to history.

Western Women  suffer a lot in the middle ages .They have no rights in this life. Men deal with woman in a very bad way. Dr. Abdullah Rahman Al-Sheha in his book  “Woman in the shade of Islam said 😦 Christian priests went to the extreme of considering the woman as the cause of  original sin and the source  of all catastrophes from which the entire world suffered). Women lived in a miserable situation in that period of time . According to historian Frederick Hare: It is not for women in Western Europe in the Middle Ages any right to anything, the law was only for men, alone, is man’s only power in the family, society and state, but that one of the fixed bases in the Middle Ages was the woman , s voice is not to be heard in public. This is what was in Middle age.

 Now Women suffered considerably, – in the modern era – when the media highlighted on women’s movements, which tended to greatly daring in its demands, She does not seek to be free as she  is trying to something like madness, and we found – those movements – calls for freedom of the body, the right of women to have sex with what they want . what a pitiful women are?!!.  

So as a result of these big changes . Women falls in trouble with diseases relating to homosexuality such as AIDS virus. Also  she faces Sexual harassment and verbal abuse  every where in street ,buses , malls and even in work .

So society starts hating this freedom which  insult women. Lets take this example, millions of people cram into subway trains and buses in Mexico City, one of the world’s largest cities, and women have long complained of abuse from men taking advantage of overcrowding to sneak in an inappropriate grab.

The Mexican capital has started a women-only bus service to protect female passengers from groping and verbal abuse common on its packed public transportation system.

The special buses pull up at ordinary stops but have large pink “women only” signs on the front and side. They were added to two busy routes last week and the city government plans to expand the program to 15 other routes by April.

“We were constantly receiving complaints of women being leered at, kissed or followed,” said Carlos Cervantes, spokesperson for the city’s public bus system.

The first three subway cars are already reserved for women and children but this is the first time the model has been tried in buses.

Tokyo’s subway is already running women-only cars to prevent groping, and South Korea is expected this year to introduce women-only cars. Nearly half the crimes reported on the Seoul’s eight subway lines are sexual in nature, a legislator told parliament last November.

As you see women from around the world complaining the freedom which does not respect them as a human . Human start seeking for solution . 

Actually no religion give women their rights unless Islam .Dr .Abdullah Al-Kahtany  in his booklet ( Women’s Rights) said:   Only Islam has the workable solutions to these complicated problems of immorality and destroyed family values . It provides  a complete system  of life , which grants dignity and happiness to all members of society  by taking human needs into consideration and satisfying them in the honorable and respectable way.

But if you ask me how does Islam gives women their rights I will advice you to read” Women’s Right ” for Dr .Abdullah Al-kahtany. There you will find the solution absolutely.

 Or you can read hundreds of books talk about how Islam gives women their rights .