Thoughts and Ideas ….

When I look at what is going on around me of  events nowadays ,  rush  and rush in   illogical  way , I’m trying to understand why all this is happening so quickly? Then I remember that we are in the era of speed, and everything happens without any regard for the feelings or our satisfaction with it, all what  is important is that events go and accelerated to catch a train does not stop and does  not wait for anyone. 

When I remember the days of my childhood and how the ripples of events   – does not say very slowly –  but it definitely was not that  speed at which  we see now  , it is important to inflict train it  does not matter who falls or stumbles or gets lost among the crowds, and this makes me lament the day time and hope for its return but… .  .


3 thoughts on “Thoughts and Ideas ….

  1. In Austria there is a group of researchers who intentionally put a turtle in the city centre of Vienna to remind people to slow down. There’s beauty in keeping up at our own pace and balance it with nature.


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