How can we change the structure of the Security Council of the UN in order to be fairer and more effective??

The  UN Security Council  is administered in a way  does not lead to the  goal  which it was created for  more than six decades 

When  the victors in World War II, put   their conditions against the  defeated in the war and impose their decisions on the world that came out of that war, a devastating and dashing in all respects, and, unfortunately, that those decisions and conditions   are still in place since that time, despite a change of circumstances  and the standards under which the world today ,  the five permanent members of the council are still  control all the resolutions issued by the Council because of the structure that the council was established by , which has become not suitable for the present age ,  as they impose their agenda on  these people that need to stand in front of them supported the hunger, disease and internal and external wars, and instead see this council, which represents only the interests of the five countries and is the largest third-party interests and privileges they had imposed since the establishment of this council.
The earliest example of the injustice caused by this Council , the Palestinian issue  which council  could not  solve  for more than seven decades,  although the council has graciously issued  dozens of resolutions on the issue did not find a way to implement  why ??  because the interests of the Big Five are not satisfied that the implementation of these decisions, despite the great suffering of the Palestinian people who robbed their home land and their rights  still   violated  under the nose of this Council , we want to enumerate the calamities and problems that resulted from the lack of efficiency and responsiveness of this council will not get to the end, and I am sure  that this council  has not been able to handle any issue offered  for the benefit of peoples and nations oppressed and the poor, but solutions were always in the interest of large countries . 

We can give another example , Let’s assume that one of these resolutions before the Council at conflict with the interests of one of these five states what happens? This state will use the  veto power  against this resolution  to disable it , it does not matter if it will lead  to destroy the country  or kill tens of thousands of people , is that we have created  the United Nations for  and whether these are the  goals that we have  taught them since childhood .
For this reason, we  must cancel the authority of the UN Security Council and transfer this power  to the General Assembly  as long

 as  Council is unable to solve the problems of the world , and  face of the interests of the major powers , and lift the injustice on the weak states, is that  possible, we do not believe .




“When you see that you’re making a difference in people’s lives, it’s a great feeling and that’s my motivation.”



Abed Elmajeed Noaimi, Translator, Za’atari refugee camp for Syrian refugees, Jordan

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