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The balance of power in the world and its impact on the welfare of the peoples of the world

When we talk about the balance of power  we mean big countries with global influence and its impact on the rest of the states and their people, especially small and poor countries. This also means that the deteriorating economic and financial situation of many countries and the economies of those countries affected by major financial shocks that occur from time to time, and the earliest example of this financial crisis that swept the United States and the world  in 2008 and how it was T.J occur from time to time, and the earliest example of this financial crisis that swept the United States in 2008 and how it was it`s influence on the rest of the world, even the developed  countries.   We know that some countries were losing hundreds of billions because it has linked its fate to this great country, or that was still in its orbit, therefore it was necessary to be affected by what is happening from a financial or economic shocks.

So what is the solution? How can these small states can protect themselves from irrational balances that control the world?

The answer to this question lies in the decision of the Group of States And if so what is the solution? How can these small states to protect themselves from irrational balances that control the world?
The answer to this question lies in the decisions taken by the Group of Non-Aligned Conference in 1954 in Bandung, Indonesia, where the Group has decided not to intervene in the Eastern or Western alliances formed after World War II, 1945.   But after more than six decades on this conference, did they  succeed in establishing the principle of non-interference ?  Indeed, they did not succeed, but on the contrary,  the small wars has increased   between poor countries with support from the Eastern and Western camps, each according to their interests

The immediate cause of all this is that the world is divided between two Camps , east followed the Soviet Union and its allies and Western follows the United States and its allies, and control of these camps fate , politically, economically, financially, militarily and even socially, and become an individual either an agent of the West, or an agent of the East without a true understanding of what is going on .

Unfortunately, in all of this that this situation still exists today, but it intensified in some cases, increased small wars and so-called proxy wars, and the number of dead and displaced persons and Refugees in many parts of the world, and remained states influence big as it is grown sophisticated and enjoyed their peoples welfare and a life of plenty.

In order to find that so few countries were able to reach some progress in some aspects of life, or was able to raise the standard of living for their people, but regrettably, that the vast majority of states still suffer from interventions of major countries and  have not been able to achieve any of the aspirations of their people .