Islam is the only religion remaining without distortion or switch

Islam is a monotheistic religions and , most recently , which in this sense is the most important to mankind because it was a complement to the rest of the religions and complementary to the teachings laid down by the Lord Almighty .

If we look a little reflection and insight as it contains the teachings of Islam , we find that it came fully integrated, which covers all aspects of life of the individual, and lay the foundations on which the human beings to follow if they want to live in peace in this world and at the same time not lose the afterlife too.
The Islamic religion for its followers  researchers  of the Koran academic study ,  find that Islam is the only religion that is not distorted  not in any way contrary to the rest of the religions that manipulate humans over the past centuries many of the scripts until we have got many books , each of which claims to be the best and fullest , but Geller fact that quite despite the fact that most of these books are kept on the main teachings and intuitive , but mostly tells stories and novels    by  the  mood and background for those who wrote it, and spread it then,  even though they were – by some accounts – pastors and priests whose names are still deployed in the streets and squares all over the world.

In order that we emphasize that Islam is the best religion in which guarantees an individual a happy life in this world and the afterlife , and the best proof of this embrace of millions of people to Islam every year across the world, especially in the developed world and after in-depth study of the Koran and the teachings of renewable always as if developed for this era, and this one of the great miracles of the Koran which  researchers discovered days after days .

But the enemies of Islam who are resentful at his followers for personal reasons or ideological reasons, waiting for any mistake or wrong to heal and show their hatred, and trying to paste all the charges and defects  to Islam , despite the fact that Islam is a religion integrated and free of defects completely because it is  made by  ​​God and not man-made , and we confirm that the defect if there any , is not in religion but defect in the style of the application by Muslims themselves who apply in line with their interests and their mood and this is what the  haters of the Islam see only .

We believe that we are failing to follow Islam greatly in spreading the religion across the world, especially the areas that lacked approach the Lord is still worshiped idols and statues and animals. 
There are a lot of people who  are waiting to show them to the knowledge of God and the right way to get to it  ,  those  people are closest to enter Islam if they find preachers loyal and experienced  and able to persuasion of those who have mastered some languages ​​are important. 
We are confident that Islam will spread and faster than some people think, despite the plots being hatched against it everywhere, no doubt about it.



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