Five ways to make new friends

Many people struggle making new friends because they are shy and not very social people. But if you decide that you want to change your lifestyle and make new friends then you can follow these common tips to meet and make new friends. Below is the list 5 ways you can make new friends.

  1. 1 .  Make some new friends by attending your local community college

One way to meet new people and make new friends is by going to your local community college. Most people make new friends by seeing people of similar age in college. If you are ever wanted to learn a new skill then going to your local college to do so would help you make new friends as well.

  1. 2 .  Visit your local library regularly

If you enjoying reading books and have a local library in your neighborhood then one way for you to make new friends by visitingyour local library regularly. Many people come to library just to read and socialize with others. There are always few people are just

regular readers and you can see them on the regular basis. So if you find someone interesting who might have a similar interests as you then you should talk to them and make them your friends.

  1. 3 .  Join the online groups near by your city

There are many sites online that have the facility to organize online social group based on location as well. So you could find some of those groups that have similar interests as you and join them. Once you have connected with people online you can easily extend the friendship inreal world as well by meeting them in person. This is great of making new friends online as well.

  1. 4 .  Volunteer in your community

Another great of making new friends is by volunteering in your local community. The goal is to interact with new people and be around people. Volunteering in your local community gives you that in addition to helping your community. Find out all the volunteer services around your area and mingle with new people there and make new friends there.

  1. 5 .  Engage with more people at your work place

Many people don’t realize that one great way to meet and make new friends is at your own workplace. It is natural for people to simply work with their own group or department and not interact with other groups. However being proactive and talking with other groups in a large company can really earn you some great friends.

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