Big players on the scene of Middle East

Chess players exert international messing with the fate of nations without regard for the people and their desires or ambitions. They own the stadium, stones and players  as well . In any case, the rulers of the region’s do not have any papers in their hands and they can not reject or object  because they are pledged their fate and the fate of their people in the hands of their masters who control everything. They comply and implement the instructions as they are without the right to modify it.
Rulers or as I like to call them – the watchmen – they unfortunately have linked their fate and their future implementation that is asked of them and they’ll be substituted for them and to keep them on their chairs must comply with the orders of their masters and not lose everything and that of the simplest things.
See what is happening in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Yemen Is one sane person believes that all of this happens by chance? The poor people of this region set off revolutions in the so-called – Arab Spring- until they get their rights usurped and never take back deified of dignity wasted always  ,which was a real miracle, the removal of tyrants like Hosni Mubarak ,  Zine El Abidine , Ali Abdullah Saleh , Gaddafi and others,They could not smell the freedom even yet , the conspiracies hatched began around them , freedom which the big players , who are unhappy with this turn it against their interests and their plans ,  the fruits of revolutions began falling  before they  could collect from the rebels and taken to rot and took hope evaporates slowly until tomorrow became  a distant dream.
These players reap the benefits of uprisings without trouble or effort, and with the generous assistance of the Bedouins, – the Arab leaders  of course, but people go to hell, it does not matter.
Bashar al-Assad the tyrant governor  has no place in Syria tomorrow, the words beautiful authorized by Obama, the  black President of the United States  and days pass and we see no mention of Syria and the United States conducted its customers from the Arab leaders   and waging war against jihadist movements because the danger is not the Syrian criminal regime, but the danger comes from those aljhadist  change , the killing of thousands of Syrians died and the destruction of the Levant in the fight against these movements and abbreviated Unfortunately, the Syrian Revolution Brigade holders participate in this farce in terms of know or do not know.
In Yemen, the first United Nations conspirator out Ali Abdullah Saleh of the main door to bring him back from the back door farce is unmatched and the Arabs  in the Gulf ally themselves with the enemies of Allah and His Messenger to get rid of kept you jihadist also in Yemen Houthis who do not make up 5% of Yemenis are occupying the capital after the army, including the withdrawal of the orders of the   Saudi  another farce  , in Libya they themselves support the secular Mahmoud Jibril, and the   US  customer- Hatter-to destroy the revolution and the jehadist movements , third farce, in Egypt knows what Egypt or the world and the heart of Arabism replacing Islamic president   who won the elections in Egypt replaced by   the Zionist customer – Sisi – which will be carried out the orders of Israel and America.  because this is a danger to the interests of Israel and America and the Arabs  may not be achieved. And Iraq and also after more than a decade on the occupation dates back to the forefront and spin battles between Sheaa and  Iran to fight the jihadist movements and also the approval of the Arabs of course.

What  do we understand  , what is going on around us Is it a dream or a nightmare or a play must end? In the bitter reality that what is happening is an international conspiracy where everyone engages in  and Arab rulers too against Islam and Muslims, and we have to deal with  it whatever the cost of our blood so we maintain our earnings and ethical and religious and do it for the sake of our blood and our lives. And God will help us .

The Best Things in Life Are Free!

Many of us spend our lives trying to make money (and therein lies our first mistake, more on this another time) without realising that we were born rich and that the best things in life are free.
I was talking to a couple of colleagues the other day about this same point. One agreed with this concept; the other was in total disagreement – a good balance to have for a passionate discussion!

When the singer, Robbie Williams, got his first major multi-million dollar recording contract he exclaimed:

“I’m rich beyond my wildest dreams.”

In reality we could all be saying those exact words for we are indeed rich though many of us just don’t realise it.

Our greatest riches lie in the things that we were given free. It is as Earl Nightingale in The Strangest Secret said,”Our mind comes as standard equipment at birth. It is free and things that are given to us for nothing we place little value on. Things that we pay money for we value. The paradox is that exactly the reverse is true. Everything that is really worthwhile in life came to us free – our minds, our souls, our bodies, our hopes, our dreams, our ambitions intelligence, our love of family and children and friends and country – all these priceless possessions are free but the things that cost us money are really very cheap and can be replaced at any time.”
Imagine being given a plot of fertile land so rich that whatever you plant in it will grow. Take my mother for example, a multi-talented and very industrious woman who, among other things, could be described as a farmer. Over the years she has grown hot peppers, sweet peppers, carrots, pumpkins, lettuce, thyme, marjoram, sweet potatoes and I could go on and on. Nowadays she focuses primarily on orchids. My point is that whatever she planted grew and she learnt to take care of the plants to maximise their quality and yield.
What if she just left the land to its own devices? Well plants would still grow. In fact, she would often remark that weeds seemed to grow more rampantly than crops. Some of the plants would be beneficial; some not. One thing you can be certain of is that what would grow would be a random and haphazard affair with no consistency regarding produce or yield.

Our minds are just like fertile soil. Whatever we sow in our minds we will reap. However, although we are all born with this magnificent gift, it comes with seeds already sown in it. These seeds are a result of genetics. Also, as we grow there is a period of time where we do not have control over what is planted in our fertile minds. Our environment plants seeds in our mind, further conditioning it – just like my mother has no little control over the airborne seeds that land in her garden.

However, there comes a point when our awareness grows sufficiently that we can start to question and analyse what our senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch) have been telling us. We start to use our intellectual faculties – perception, reason, will, memory, intuition and imagination – however, our environment will again play a role in determining how well we develop our intellect. In many cases our intellectual faculties such as our imagination and ability to reason can be stamped right out of us.
These are priceless gifts but we don’t appreciate them. We yearn instead for the physical things that have the price tag on them. The higher the price tag the more we tend to want it and more disillusioned and frustrated we become when we don’t get it. What many fail to realise is that there is a link between these things and our mind. After all, it is our minds that created these things in the first place.

Physical items cars, houses, boats, etc. are cheap, replaceable and can be destroyed in an instant whereas the intangible things such as love, joy and happiness are ours to have in an infinite supply and no one but ourselves can deny us of these things. These things and more are our birthright. We are indeed born rich.
Let’s go back to the material things that many yearn for – the things that cost money. This is partly how money gets a bad rap. We want something but an apparent lack of money stands in our way of having it on the physical plane and so we build this love/hate relationship with money. The truth is that whatever you are seeking is seeking you and so the next step after asking for what you want is to accept it on the mental plane of existence. I know that this may appear to be airy-fairy but the Universe operates by laws and it through understanding and applying these laws that we live fulfilled lives.

There are many reasons why we don’t get what we say we want:

1.We simply don’t believe we can have it so we don’t plant the seeds necessary for what we want to manifest itself.
2.We may have the seeds but, for one reason or another, we think that they will not grow and so they remain forgotten in a jar and out of contact with the conditions that would allow them to germinate.
3.We may plant the seeds but think that they are taking too long to grow and bear fruit and so we uproot the young plants.
4.We may plant them but again neglect the seedlings so that they end up being choked by other plants or so starved of nourishment that they wither and die.
5.We fail to protect our seeds/plants from ‘predators’ and creatures that would trample our plants.
6.We fail to plant enough seeds to take into account the ones that might fail to germinate or might otherwise be lost.
7.We may plant our seeds too close together so that they compete with each other and none have sufficient nutrients to grow properly.

When a farmer plants his crops he doesn’t just leave them to their own devices. He has to remove the weeds, protect the plants from pests and adverse weather conditions. He waters the plants and provides them with fertiliser. However, before he does any of this a good farmer will analyse his soil to discover the best plants for that soil this can be likened to you finding your passion. Likewise, when you plant an idea in your mind you also have to nourish and nurture it so that it grows to fruition.

Once you recognise just how rich and abundant your life is you will find that the path to achieving even more riches is easier than you think. However, whatever path you take, the route to your greatest desires will always be through your greatest treasure – your mind. And best of all it’s free!