Final Solution to African Poverty . By DR. Enoh Nkongho •

I am pleased to quote  this article from Dr. Enoh Nkongho

I liked very much the treatment method proposed to solve the problems of poverty in Africa, and I hope that will find the path to the application by African leaders .

A free online article of the Focus on Africa magazine of particular interest to me was that by Gamal Nkrumah, published on 22 Jan 2007. In this article, Mr Gamal advised that the only way forward for Africa was a continental union as envisaged by his late farther Kwame Nkrumah, one of the founding fathers of pan-African politics. A free online aspect of BBC News by the economics reporter, Steve Schifferes with the question:’Why can’t Africa tackle poverty?’, also caught my attention. Mr Schifferes blamed African poverty to unfulfilled promises of monetary aid to Africa by developed countries.

Unknown to Mr Gamal and Mr Schifferes, their suggestions will never be solutions to African disunity or poverty.

An elder once said, ‘One can never know what poverty is, unless one becomes poor’. The true situation of Africa today is that there is much poverty in the continent than what is known by the rest of the world. I mean poverty with capital ‘P’. Africa is a continent in which each nation is made up of several ethnic groups with diverse cultural and religious differences. This situation is aggravated by poverty such that the continent is susceptible to ethnic clashes, civil wars, formation of political parties based on ethnic interests, etc. A continent made of about 99% of children leaving in abject poverty, the dream of every African child is to become rich in order to liberate himself/herself and the family from the terrible monster-poverty. The truth is that African leaders grow up with this dream and consider their political positions as a longed opportunity to enrich themselves and their families or to make their ethnic groups popular within the country. They put tribal or ethnic interests first in their dealings, rather than national interests.

Therefore, how can a continent with so many ethnic groups not even in unity within their own nations unite as envisaged by Kwame Nkrumah? How can any amount of foreign aid be of help to African nations? This money will be embezzled and put into foreign accounts!

Despite being blessed by so many natural resources, Africa remains the poorest continent on earth tagged as the ‘Black Continent ‘. Having suffered from slave trade and colonialism in the past, Africa is suffering today from economic suppression by developed countries; and disunity and lack of courage to create progressive policies, on the part of African nations themselves.

How many African nations are permanent members of the UNO Security Council? If the answer is zero, then there are no nations in Africa because UNO is an organization of nations. How many higher institutions of learning or research institutes in Africa have an electron microscope? How many African countries manufacture cars or aeroplanes? These and many other questions should be asked by African leaders and a lasting solution to poverty and backwardness of Africa sought.
The writer therefore suggests a final solution to African poverty and backwardness in the form of the creation of a STATE OF AFRICAN UNION .Once created, this will be an independent state within the African continent in which all peoples from all African nation as well as Africans in the Diaspora will be eligible citizens. This may sound impossible or considered as madness but we should not forget that Greek philosophers who first talked of democracy were considered as mad men and Galileo was also considered mad when he said the world was round rather than flat.

The State of African Union will be a state in which African nations will confidently trade with on fair terms; a place where giant research institutes will exist for all Africans; a political asylum for Africans, a permanent home for Africans of the Diaspora; etc.

The donation of land by African nations toward the creation of this state must not be considered as violation of territorial integrity but rather a giant and courageous step of the African Union ahead of any existing continental union under the sun. This is a challenge to African nations with large land areas such as Sudan, Congo (DR), Algeria, Libya, Mali, South Africa, Angola, Ethiopia and Tanzania. A single country may donate or neighbouring countries can jointly donate.

The president of this great African nation will be democratically elected by all African citizens. One may imagine the news on BBC or CNN during vote counts from the different African countries .The creation of this state will surely change the course of political, economic, cultural and historical events of the world.

Africans must forget their differences and take giant decisions together to make their continent great. It is high time Africans said goodbye to poverty, oppression and suppression.