To my websites followers

I really do not know why my  sites followers and suddenly  stop follow me and I do not know a clear reason for it , although I did not cut off from writing and still type in subjects likening what I have been doing in the past .
True that I cut off for some time already and I still type intermittently but I did not leave the sites did not stop them , I still expect to see some of the comments and likes I receive from my friends whorespect  and I really miss them.
I apologize to them all  if I got  any mistakes unintentionally and I hope to see  their comments  again I hope so very soon .

Thank  you ,

How To Be A Better You

The good thing about life is that every day holds potential for you to become a better person. If you are willing to make positive changes, it is really never too late to become an even better person in all sectors of your life. You simply need to start by looking at what areas you are good at, drag you into achieving your full potential and you will be on your way to becoming a better person.

1. Wake up early so you are able to have some me time to ether meditate or plan out the day in such a way that makes it more productive. When you are up early, you are able to complete your day’s tasks early enough and to get everything done as planned.

2. Open up to change. When you are willing and fully committed to change to be a better person, you definitely will have an easy time making improvements so you are a better person. Maintaining an open mind helps you grow and this is good for your any day

3. Find yourself a mentor. It is much easier for you to change for the better when you have someone that you look up to. People that have mentors in life tend to work hard into becoming better and it works out great. A mentor acts as your guide through life and every aspect of it, hence it gets harder to go wrong.

4. Keep the excuses at bay. Owning up to your mistakes helps you learn and make any necessary improvements. People who constantly make excuses do not achieve much because they do not allow room to go wrong and draw important lessons from their mistakes.

5. Forgive more and you will feel happier and content. Holding  grudges and putting yourself through the hurt all over again and on a regular basis can make you a very angry person. The least you can do is let go of all hurtful things and this means going back to the past and forgiving everyone that wronged you in one way or another to become a better person.

6. Read something interesting. We all have areas of interest and things that we are really good at. Try and read as much as you can on areas that interest you and you will sharpen your skills or even find out something you never know about or thought about previously. It is never too late to learn something and the more you learn the better you become.

7. Do something new. Challenging yourself can go a long way in improving who you are. Force yourself to do things that scare you or things you usually wouldn’t be caught doing and you will unleash qualities you never know you had. You  might just realize that you are much stronger than you thought you were.

8. Mingle with successful people and you are likely to be just as successful as they are. Your company can influence your character so be sure you are around successful people to be successful as well.

It is not very hard to be a better you. You just need to be more self-conscious and you will have an easy time making the necessary changes to be the person that you know you can be.