How to treet our children

Educating and   and care of children is the hardest things facing parents and special educators in the early years of age, because the child receives most of his acquaintances during the first three years of age so misfortune this period of the most dangerous periods of the child’s life so educators and academics works the best curriculum and teaching methods, especially in the development of kindergarten and pre-school .                        During the past few years the Internet has entered our homes and we have imposed new rules were not exist before, making it more difficult for parents and educators, especially as the Internet does not take into account the specificity and habits of the people.
The  parents became  more  obliged to monitor and follow up on what is happening to their children , and that making it even more difficult, especially with the spread of advanced mobiles which have become accessible to everyone especially children, without regard to whether what is being offered useful or harmful to our children .

I would like to  introduce you  this YOUTUBE video as proof  of what displays online if it fits  our children children or not. Enjoy .