I come back , but…..

I was out for a period of quite time     from  my website    and I know that this has caused     a serouse    damage to this website and actually happened to what I expected , I    have actually lost most observers of my website and when I went back to see what happened and found out that I was alone without any friends to sympathize with my   current and what happened to this site, which I worked a lot  for it.
You might well ask about any site I am talking? I’m talking about my website :

(  mmmluck.wordpress.com

I come back after a long absence, but   I assure everyone that my absence was against my will to unforeseen circumstances it can not be mentioned now and can talk about in the future .
Now I am  back again wish that my old friends    and followers  to stat a new page  with  my website  .And assure everyone that I’m going to review all the published during this period, and I will come back to writing everything new and meaningful.
I wish everyone success and progress.


Nature is our mother try to love

Nature is the mother compassionate human beings , and it`s  the home for the  rest of the creatures  the  name of  nature  is not  limited to trees and forests, water and creatures, but also includes everything man did not intervene to change or contaminated or even removed, and the fact that the hands  of MAN   did not leave anything on  earth without having to change or pollute or doing some kind of change  in  , but the little that we were able to protect , we in this  matter  willing  to thank those who work day and night to preserve what is left of nature that we love  .


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