Online work much harder than expected

In fact I found online work much harder than I expected, I did not expect to come across all these obstacles in my way, and I found it very difficult to build relationships with readers and viewers to my site, and the most difficult is to retain  and keep them , even though I have done everything I can as I  know  to reach the largest number of followers for my humble site .
I have noticed afterwards that it is never easy, I have read a lot about the development of this site and tried in every way to be different perhaps gives some results, but no avail.
I said I have to try  other ways perhaps it  gives  best results , I went to YouTube and worked hard to offer a range of different videos of  get what I want, so far provided more than 80 videos and established  three  channels tried my best to be meaningful, useful, and began to  share them   on Facebook and other social networking sites. What do you expect the outcome? Unfortunately, the result was very frustrating I did not expect it at all.
Now, even though I had a really frustrated, but I have not yet surrendered, I do not know how long I can continue, but what I know about myself that I do not give up easily and I will continue until I try ….. I do not know for how long.
I know in advance and as a result of previous experience that what I write now will not find   the readers that  I  want ,  though, I hope, will find who can show me the right way, because in  fact I love this work and enjoy it very much, but I also love that I find who shares  me this feeling, they told me I  have to buy my own domain and contact   with specialized sites  to develop    my website, but I was not convinced so much I do not want a commercial site  I  do not want to sell or buy, I just want to enjoy the follow-up of hand-picked friends and following me without  other  interests than friendship .
Is that possible ?   I hope so .