Terrorism !! what does it mean ??

Terrorism !! This expression, which has become on everyone’s lips now a days, what does it  mean? And how it began , and how it can be dealt with? These and other questions which are being raised all the time, which prompted several countries threatening to fight it and eradicate it from existence  . This expression has become a charge ready for each group or people just accusation without evidence or proof, just because these groups or people are working against the interests of these countries who  claim to defend human rights and  nations  freedom . Unfortunately, these arguments are incorrect and unfair in the world of polar and alliances .

That have destroyed the world and still ,  who controls the destinies of peoples and their freedom of choice and to achieve their aspirations for a better life .
We do not advocate terrorism as an expression understood as infringing on freedoms and terrorizing people, where what they are and whatever their identities, but it is necessary to agree on one meaning of terrorism so that we can deal with it and eradicate it from existence as one of the leaders, who announced  that he is keen on the freedom of nations .

How can we believe such these statements and we see these same leaders are doing criminal acts against human liberty throughout the world without a shred of conscience or regard for the value of the rights and aspirations, and there are many examples of that, what we see in Syria shelling brutal to civilians without mercy from the state claims to be a superpower ,under the nose of the same countries that claim to be with the freedom of peoples and that stands silent in front of these crimes .What is happening in Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Palestine  we do not want to separate it, because it is well known to every one .

From here we must recognize that what  some groups or people are doing  may be in conflict with and  exceeded certain laws or regulations in certain countries  , and it may be against some freedoms in these countries, but in return  we must recognize that the unjust practices in many countries may lead to the so-called terrorism, which in this case self-defense, whether we accept it or not .

6 thoughts on “Terrorism !! what does it mean ??

  1. Once we have 3G (gold, gospel and glory), then there was communism.. So, in a way, I guess terrorism is the latest synonym for ‘excuse’—a pretext for fighting for/against something. The motives are still the same, though (power, money.. etc). What amazes me most is that how the very word only applicable (attributable) for certain group of people (that is, Muslims) but not others (so that if you blow or bomb things around but you are not a Muslim then you CAN’T be a terrorist). Thanks to the mainstream media.


  2. I would like to thank you so much for your nice comment , I agree with you the reason for all this injustice that prevails in the world is that there are forces that are not qualified to lead the world with regret, in addition to the loss of human values and respect for others.


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