Watch how the crow behave .

In this experiment  acting of crow was extremely intelligent and worth seeing .this                 experiment been  made by ;

A group of professors at Georgetown University and the truth is that this experiment has succeeded in showing that  CROW also   has  a good intuition and innate intelligence  watch  this video and enjoyed Thank you .



Online work much harder than expected

In fact I found online work much harder than I expected, I did not expect to come across all these obstacles in my way, and I found it very difficult to build relationships with readers and viewers to my site, and the most difficult is to retain  and keep them , even though I have done everything I can as I  know  to reach the largest number of followers for my humble site .
I have noticed afterwards that it is never easy, I have read a lot about the development of this site and tried in every way to be different perhaps gives some results, but no avail.
I said I have to try  other ways perhaps it  gives  best results , I went to YouTube and worked hard to offer a range of different videos of  get what I want, so far provided more than 80 videos and established  three  channels tried my best to be meaningful, useful, and began to  share them   on Facebook and other social networking sites. What do you expect the outcome? Unfortunately, the result was very frustrating I did not expect it at all.
Now, even though I had a really frustrated, but I have not yet surrendered, I do not know how long I can continue, but what I know about myself that I do not give up easily and I will continue until I try ….. I do not know for how long.
I know in advance and as a result of previous experience that what I write now will not find   the readers that  I  want ,  though, I hope, will find who can show me the right way, because in  fact I love this work and enjoy it very much, but I also love that I find who shares  me this feeling, they told me I  have to buy my own domain and contact   with specialized sites  to develop    my website, but I was not convinced so much I do not want a commercial site  I  do not want to sell or buy, I just want to enjoy the follow-up of hand-picked friends and following me without  other  interests than friendship .
Is that possible ?   I hope so .

I come back , but…..

I was out for a period of quite time     from  my website    and I know that this has caused     a serouse    damage to this website and actually happened to what I expected , I    have actually lost most observers of my website and when I went back to see what happened and found out that I was alone without any friends to sympathize with my   current and what happened to this site, which I worked a lot  for it.
You might well ask about any site I am talking? I’m talking about my website :


I come back after a long absence, but   I assure everyone that my absence was against my will to unforeseen circumstances it can not be mentioned now and can talk about in the future .
Now I am  back again wish that my old friends    and followers  to stat a new page  with  my website  .And assure everyone that I’m going to review all the published during this period, and I will come back to writing everything new and meaningful.
I wish everyone success and progress.


Nature is our mother try to love

Nature is the mother compassionate human beings , and it`s  the home for the  rest of the creatures  the  name of  nature  is not  limited to trees and forests, water and creatures, but also includes everything man did not intervene to change or contaminated or even removed, and the fact that the hands  of MAN   did not leave anything on  earth without having to change or pollute or doing some kind of change  in  , but the little that we were able to protect , we in this  matter  willing  to thank those who work day and night to preserve what is left of nature that we love  .


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How to treet our children

Educating and   and care of children is the hardest things facing parents and special educators in the early years of age, because the child receives most of his acquaintances during the first three years of age so misfortune this period of the most dangerous periods of the child’s life so educators and academics works the best curriculum and teaching methods, especially in the development of kindergarten and pre-school .                        During the past few years the Internet has entered our homes and we have imposed new rules were not exist before, making it more difficult for parents and educators, especially as the Internet does not take into account the specificity and habits of the people.
The  parents became  more  obliged to monitor and follow up on what is happening to their children , and that making it even more difficult, especially with the spread of advanced mobiles which have become accessible to everyone especially children, without regard to whether what is being offered useful or harmful to our children .

I would like to  introduce you  this YOUTUBE video as proof  of what displays online if it fits  our children children or not. Enjoy .








To my websites followers

I really do not know why my  sites followers and suddenly  stop follow me and I do not know a clear reason for it , although I did not cut off from writing and still type in subjects likening what I have been doing in the past .
True that I cut off for some time already and I still type intermittently but I did not leave the sites did not stop them , I still expect to see some of the comments and likes I receive from my friends whorespect  and I really miss them.
I apologize to them all  if I got  any mistakes unintentionally and I hope to see  their comments  again I hope so very soon .

Thank  you ,

How To Be A Better You

The good thing about life is that every day holds potential for you to become a better person. If you are willing to make positive changes, it is really never too late to become an even better person in all sectors of your life. You simply need to start by looking at what areas you are good at, drag you into achieving your full potential and you will be on your way to becoming a better person.

1. Wake up early so you are able to have some me time to ether meditate or plan out the day in such a way that makes it more productive. When you are up early, you are able to complete your day’s tasks early enough and to get everything done as planned.

2. Open up to change. When you are willing and fully committed to change to be a better person, you definitely will have an easy time making improvements so you are a better person. Maintaining an open mind helps you grow and this is good for your any day

3. Find yourself a mentor. It is much easier for you to change for the better when you have someone that you look up to. People that have mentors in life tend to work hard into becoming better and it works out great. A mentor acts as your guide through life and every aspect of it, hence it gets harder to go wrong.

4. Keep the excuses at bay. Owning up to your mistakes helps you learn and make any necessary improvements. People who constantly make excuses do not achieve much because they do not allow room to go wrong and draw important lessons from their mistakes.

5. Forgive more and you will feel happier and content. Holding  grudges and putting yourself through the hurt all over again and on a regular basis can make you a very angry person. The least you can do is let go of all hurtful things and this means going back to the past and forgiving everyone that wronged you in one way or another to become a better person.

6. Read something interesting. We all have areas of interest and things that we are really good at. Try and read as much as you can on areas that interest you and you will sharpen your skills or even find out something you never know about or thought about previously. It is never too late to learn something and the more you learn the better you become.

7. Do something new. Challenging yourself can go a long way in improving who you are. Force yourself to do things that scare you or things you usually wouldn’t be caught doing and you will unleash qualities you never know you had. You  might just realize that you are much stronger than you thought you were.

8. Mingle with successful people and you are likely to be just as successful as they are. Your company can influence your character so be sure you are around successful people to be successful as well.

It is not very hard to be a better you. You just need to be more self-conscious and you will have an easy time making the necessary changes to be the person that you know you can be.