One Lovely Blog Award


I would like to thank   Maribel   who nominated me for :

 “One Lovely Blog Award “

The  Rules :

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated   you .

2. Paste the Award image  on your blog .

3.tell them 7 facts about yourself .

4.Nominate  15  other   blogs  you like for this Award .

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 Seven facts about myself :

1. I  love helping  people  ,  ” Love your brother as you love yourself ” Prophet  Mohammad , SAW .

2. Love my family , family  is  an  oasis  of    safety ,love   and   hope .

3. I believe in our Prophet Mohammad  (S A W )  words :

Who is secure  in  his  property ,

Healthy in his body ,

Has his daily meals ,

As  if   he   owned  the whole world  .

4. I appreciate and deeply respect who teaches me someting   new  .

5. I  hate     INJUSTICE  , whatever  its  name ,  place ,  object   or the   person

who has done .

6. I   believe  in  consistency on the  RIGHT  ,    regardless  of the sacrifices .

7. I believe that  GOD  loves  us  more  than  we  love  ourselves  ,what we have done for it   ?   Disobeyed  GOD  and  stepped  away  from him .

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Again thank you so much fellow bloggers for enhancing my    

      writing experience with all that you share!