What is friendship ?

What is friendship from the viewpoint of the people, it may vary from one to another, this may be true but what is certain is  that the friendship has one meaning among all people, when it means loyalty, sincerity , and save the others , whatever the reasons and causes.
Friendship as I see  is the dedication in helping friend when he  needs you ,they say “a friend in deed a friend  in need ” is when he  actually needs you .

Friends In Deed `s vision is a world where no one with a life – threatening illness is frightened and alone , where those overwhelmed by illness , care giving and grief find support , and where death is not viewed as a failure but as a natural part of the cycle of life , ” THE CRISIS CENTER FOR LIFE ”

Other people say ” No need to feel guilty if you can`t be a good man all the time , but any time your heart is feeling so eager to do even a small good deed , then it might be good chance for you to be a better man  ” .

I think the absolute saddest thing is when you really truly believe you  have a friend in someone , and they backstap you . It`s heartbreaking isn`t it ?? Sitting there wondering what you did to deserve it after investing so much time and love into a person .. but why is it that we sit there truly affected and hurt and the other person easily walks away like nothing ever happened ?? I might constantly forgives  but others might not .   So I say take a few minutes each day to focus on yourself and what you think you can do to make a difference in lives of people surrounding  you .