RAMADAN the fasting month for Muslims

English: Dusk at the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin...

English: Dusk at the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque in Brunei on the eve of Ramadan. Minutes before, a muslim prayer rang from the church speakers. Français : La mosquée Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin à Brunei, au crépuscule, juste après l’appel à la prière, la veille du Ramadan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ramadan in Cairo, Egypt

Ramadan in Cairo, Egypt (Photo credit: Bakar_88)

Date seller in the old souq in Kuwait City, su...

Date seller in the old souq in Kuwait City, surrounded by dates from Kuwait, Iran, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sun rises over Medina, the prophet's city,...

The sun rises over Medina, the prophet’s city, and Muslims begin another full day of fasting in the month of Ramadan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People gathered to break fasting in mosque

People gathered to break fasting in mosque (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Hijri   year  for  Muslims , It follows the lunar system and the timing , is in this sense depends on the state of the moon so it is sometimes be 29 days and sometimes 30 days.It is the month of fasting for Muslims.And the meaning of Ramadan – the intense heat during the day -.
The imposition of fasting for Muslims at the beginning of the emergence of the Islamic religion, and fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam.

And fasting is to abstain from food, drink and self-denial of all the daily pleasures from dawn until sunset for a period of thirty days.This kind of worship to God Almighty, make  Muslim  person lives  in a state of psychological comfort and spirituality between him and God Almighty,
At  night  all the  prayers go to   mosques for pray  which gives them  the impression that  Muslims must be togather  where Muslims feel the importance of his presence in this life and the Muslims strength lies in unity.

In all events, this source of strength.
The truth is that the lessons learned from fasting in Ramadan are many and can be summarized as follows:
With real feeling deprived and poor people, and that rich people pay to help others.
Closer to God in worship and forgiveness, tolerance and this is the most important goals of human existence on this planet. Tolerance and good treatment between people and accept the other

There are health benefits, which is considered one of the most important benefits of fasting, Convenience members, stomach, teeth, heart and other organs of the body that may take a vacation for a few hours each day.

Especially among the various types of relatives and exchange of visits between them, which strengthens the bonds of love and harmony among them.
From everything that was said we can infer on that this month has many benefits.