What inspires you ??

In fact there are a lot of people ask this question it is strange   but a legitimate question , many would like to know the truth of what  inspiring him  or what is the thing that inspire him already, but there are many people also did not care for it because they are leaving things  going without   to intervene or bring about the desired change  .  Always there are two teams in life, a team gives attention to everything no matter how small,  and another   team  has no interest in such   maters .

It’s funny how something can really get you thinking, like the question “What inspires you?” It is not a common question that you think or talk about often. I hope that after you read this you will think about that question for yourself, and answer, “what inspires you?”

While there are many things that inspire me these are my top :

I am inspired by my family first started I lived my childhood and part of my youth before to be my family, my own where I learned values ​​of love and loyalty and all

the noble values​​, to my family, this is thanks to my success and the evolution of the ideas that I believe it you find encouragement from my father, who was inspiration first .

My mother that was inspiring the next made ​​me think of the people and respect the opinions of others, taught me to defend the oppressed and trying to help vulnerable people. She taught me love .
I learned a lot from my brothers and my friends.

And when I have  my own  family  , my first inspiration was my wife, I’ve learned a lot from her , taught me patience, love, and loyalty, I was impressed by her  own way in the treatment of children , watching her innocent smile while  playing  with them, then ask myself Is not this wonderful.she inspires me to new ways and creative ideas I use in my work, I owe her  a lot.

I am also inspired by reading or learning about other people and hearing their stories and experiences about their life, their struggles, their triumphs and successes.

Think about what inspires you and make sure you include it in your life. It may be doing something that is inspiring or surrounding  yourself with people and things that inspire you. Just be sure to include it in your life on a daily basis. It is a wonderful feeling.