Management of health for people with mental retardation

The causes and conditions of mental retardation are various . Therefore in managing the health of persons with mental retardation , we should  remember

that there great individual differences  among them . moreover  , because

in many cases , people with mental retardation are not able to explain

their health problems  to us , we must be  alert so we  do not fail to discover

even a  slight  health  change  , and  we must  be  sure  to  take prompt  care

of  any  health  problems  .

Though people  with  mental  retardation  may  have  a  poor  ability  to

explain  things  in  wards  , they   can   explain their  health  condition  by

  means  of  their  whole  body  >  so  if  we  do not  neglect  to  watch  them ,

we  will  be  able  to  know where  their  disease is ,  and bad it is , there  are

two  kinds  of health  observations ;

   – One  is  chosen  because  of  some  particular need .

  – the  other  is  for  routine  use ,

Because   people   with  mental  retardation  have  many  handicapped

besides  their  intellectual  handicaps  , we  need  to  make  sure  where

 their  problem are ,  useful methods  for detecting  health  problems  include

the  questionnaire  that checks  on the health  of  three – years – old children

the  chick list  of  constitutional trends  and  various  psychological  and

developmental  scales .

We  should  use these  whenever they  are  needed .

I  addition , we  should  make  observe  their  health  routinely  , such  as

when they  get  up in  the  morning  ,  in  the  morning  – ceremony line  ,

and  at  mealtimes  .  Hear  are four  points  to watch  both for  efficiency

and  to  avoid  failure  .

   A – Observe the  person’s  general condition , mainly  their  mood , if

   they  are   active  or  not ,  generally  speaking   , if  they  are  able  to  smile

   even  though  they  are  sick  ,  their  condition  not  be  bad .

   It  has  been   said  for  long  time  that eating  well  ,  sleeping   well   ,and

   defecating well  are  signs of  good  health . Meals , sleep  and defecation ,

  are important  keys  to  their  condition . When they eat with  a  good

  appetite  , sleep soundly ,  and  defecate  regularly  , we  can  consider

  them to  be   healthy  . Of  course    there  are   gender  and   individual

   variations  .  And   even  within  one  person , there   could  be  vareiations

  because of  age , so  we should  know  how  each  person is doing  on the

 key points ” nice meal , nice sleep , and  nice  defecation ” .

 B – Regularly  measure   their  temperature , respiration   rate , pules , and

  blood  pressure  .  For  example , the  temperature  of  healthy  infants  is

  a   little  bit  higher  than  that  of  adults  .  We  should  record  regularly

  morning , noon , and in the evening .

   – C – Pay  attention  to  slight  symptoms that  tell us  about  the beginning

  of  an   illness   , it is  important  for  us  to  notice  the  beginning   of   illness

  as  early as  possible  , by means  of  a  little  cough , eye   mucus  , or

  congestion  of  the  eyeballs .  Thus when  we  observe   only  the  condition

  of  the  whole  body  ,   we  may  be  in  trouble  because  of  something  left

   unnoticed  , unless  we  look  as  fully as  we  can  into  the  condition of

   of  each  part  of  the  body  during  changing  the  clothes  or  having  a

    path  we  should  observe  effectively  .

   And  must  pay  attention  if  we  notice  that  they  have  reddened  arias,

   eruption dropsy , swellings , or  internal bleeding  or  if  they  feel  hot

  or  cold .

    Besides  these  the  most important  among the  systemic  symptoms  to

  watch  for   is   dehydration   ,  continuous diarrhea  or  vomiting  causes

  the  eyes  or  sink  deeply , the lips , mouth and  skin  to  be  dry ,  olso

  the  gloss  or  tension  of  the  skin disappears   and  the  skin  seems  dusty

  these  are very  dangerous symptoms .

  D –  Pay close  enough  attention  especially  to  fatigue ,  so  as  not  to be

   too  late  in  detecting  illnesses  . People  with  mental  retardation  rarly

  complain  about  their  own  condition .