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Special Education  is becoming world wide nowadays  for the need of such

field , first ; because of the development of the communities and their culter

of course  , since the world is becoming  small village , due to progress of

advanced connections (internet) , and other communications  .

second ; due to the increasing  attention  of  human rights  specially the rights of disable children .

the  UN declaration of the child rights is very clear in this aspect ,

Accordingly, the increased interest in this sensitive field that led the

universities to adopt advanced approaches to education and rehabilitation to

keep pace with progress in other fields . so   the students can obtain bachelor’s

and master’s and  PhD. degrees  This of course is reflected in the care and

education as well as rehabilitation services for children.And spread to nursing

homes , special schools  and  training centers  across the community  increased

interest of parents to send their children to these centers, and have become

closer to their children ,

and most of their needs,     NOT THIS WONDERFUL  ???