Earth (Photo credit: tonynetone)

The Earth flag is not an official flag, since ...

The Earth flag is not an official flag, since there is no official governing body over Earth. The flag holds a photo transfer of a NASA image of the Earth on a dark blue background. It has been associated with Earth Day. Although the flag was originally copyrighted, a judge ruledhttp://www.tabberone.com/Trademarks/CopyrightLaw/Copyrightability/articles/EarthFlagVsAlamoFlag_A.shtml that the copyright was invalid. Earth Flag Ltd. v. Alamo Flag Co., 154 F. Supp. 2d 663 (S.D.N.Y. 2001) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Earth Flag

Earth Flag (Photo credit: pipcallas)

This is a call for all interested in beautiful things and make every  effort to preserve them,
This is an invitation to anyone looking to get the best always.
This is a call for all people who are interested   in other  people   and  always   trying to please them.
Who  see   what is around them and try to change for the better.

For all  of those   I send this message and hoped to share my opinion I find it to maintain the achievements of the human beings .   This planet that God granted us to maintain and benefit from the  wealth , and all that follow to ensure protection and preservation, the gains and the World Heritage.
But how can we  do so without selfishness and without  harness    everything     to our own interests and not the public interest,
This beautiful planet we live on, does it deserve to destroy it rather than be protected from the dangers that threaten it? Unfortunately,this notice of our own making  .

The  inevitable result of the  indifference   of what threatens our destiny on this planet:


Global Warming Map-tgk

Global Warming Map-tgk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And its impact in the destruction of  life on this planet, whether  wildlife or marine life   and its impact on climate changes  and the  consequent risks .It also leads to the devastating   hurricanes, and floods, and drought in large areas of the planet.


PA-98-0520 — Trinity Site explosion, 0.016 sec...

PA-98-0520 — Trinity Site explosion, 0.016 seconds after explosion, July 16, 1945. Türkçe: 16 Temmuz 1945 yılında New Mexico’daki Socorro’nın 56 km kadar güneydoğusunda şu an üzerinde komuta merkezi Alamogordo’da bulunan White Sands Missile Range’in bulunduğu yerde yapılmış Trinity patlamasının, infilak anından 0,016 sn sonra çekilmiş görüntüsüdür. Görüntülenen yarım kürenin en yüksek noktası yaklaşık 200 metre yüksekliğindedir. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And its impact on climate

Rare color photograph of the first nuclear tes...

Rare color photograph of the first nuclear test at Trinity site, July 16, 1945. Blurriness is in the original photograph (done when color photography was still fairly new). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

change and the spread of deadly  radiation in different parts of the planet.
The countries that possess such weapons are directly responsible  for the destruction of what is happening to the kinds of life in addition to the destruction of the planet


And its impact on the spread of civil and international wars, leading to the death of millions of innocent people in various parts of the planet .

Especially in poor countries and its impact on  increasing  of   poor , and   the exploitation of   its resources   for the benefit  of  developed countries.

In addition to the  proliferation  of  weapons of mass destruction that led            to the destruction of many nations  ,   for unrealistic

Trinity (nuclear test)

Trinity (nuclear test) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

reasons  and  narrow
reformer of these countries  .


Which led in many cases, to hatred,   intolerance   and   lack   of  acceptance       of others, rather than spread   love   and closeness   and   acceptance   of   others.


Deforestation in Cambodia1

Deforestation in Cambodia1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And its impact on the climate and   desertification,   poverty   and    hunger        in different parts of the planet .

These  are  just  examples of the dangers facing   our planet and there are     many others.
For these noble goals, I was doing this project and I mean that I   intend to publish    – e-book –  aims  to increase  and   raising   awareness   among        people around the world   in order   to   provide   protection   to the   planet   that   we   live   on,   and I   invite    everyone    who   can    write   to      participate    in this    project   hope  that many of you will share  .

NOW can we start ??  I would  appreciate if anyone of you could  write

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Ouagadougou civil authorities cutting down tre...

Ouagadougou civil authorities cutting down trees along Avenue Kadiogo. Sad to see the trees felled. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The chopping of forests, particularly rain forests in various regions of the world has increased abnormally, and became a dangerous phenomenon, and it became difficult to be controlled because of the
the big companies and their interested to turn a profit without any regard of the risks that lead to that work .
We believe that to continue in this work will lead to disasters in everything and include all parts of life on our planet and is influenced by everyone, whether rich or poor, even though the poor will become more poor will not benefit them aids and assistance provided by some countries or institutions to express regret for the cause of the disaster at the same time continue to harm life on the planet .
And continued systematic destruction without taking into account the destruction of human life, especially those who live a nomadic life in the forests of the Amazon and are struggling to maintain this style for their lives and do not want to change.
We know that countries interested in the first place the interests of their peoples and is also interested in reputation and prestige among nations, and this makes them try to do everything they can to please other nations and the preservation and maintain the mutual interests between the States, or so it should be.
But regrettably, what happens is not related to this fact, any way, and what happens is quite the opposite. We believe that the important decisions and crucial that relate to international trade, and exchange reformer among states are taken in the closed offices run by these men who control the fate of the world and without regard for to the interests of others and the most important benefit of the most important interests of the world in which we live and we mean men who are seeking wealth
and money always .

__That the United Nations should not succumb to the inevitable and accept what is happening, that this organization represents 194 countries and is responsible in front of them all, so it can not evade responsibility for the protection of the planet you live by these countries. Therefore, the United Nations should continue to pressure and by all means to force the perpetrators to inflict damage to life on the planet and preserve them from the dangers surrounding it.
__ The responsibility of the States are not less important than the responsibility of the United Nations, but we think it equally with the terms of the importance to preserve life in all its forms on the planet.
The importance of the countries in maintaining the heritage of mankind can not go without concern or interest in life in general, whether land or marine life or even the atmosphere around it, nor can any country, whether they are small they are great to say I do not care.
__ Does this absolve individuals from carrying out their responsibilities towards their fate and the fate of their children? I do not think so, because we are part of this is happening and we who are directly affected by disaster to occur and will occur and we are suffering from the ravages of floods, hurricanes, drought and desertification, famine and food shortages. Therefore we can not get away by ourselves what is going on.



Some might say where is the racial discrimination in this free world, which has all its personnel freedom, justice and self-determination, and we say  some of this is true, there are already communities  enjoy prosperity and a decent life and this, unfortunately, is  found  only in a part of this world.

Discrimination, Diversity, Equal rights

Discrimination, Diversity, Equal rights (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That racial discrimination does exist in many regions of the world and can even be seen in the same society, and if we want to enumerate  the pain we believe if we want that the number of areas where this phenomenon will not find much difficulty.
– What happened and is happening in Palestine of racial discrimination against the Palestinian population of apartheid in terms of work and distribution of water and the seizure of land and  building settlements and deprived them that the indigenous people of their land investment and benefit from the proceeds for the benefit of their children , it  is unfortunate that the world is still decades ago and is unable to stop this discrimination despite the presence of dozens of UN resolutions demanding that the Israeli occupation authorities to put an end to such serious abuses, but to no avail. Can this continue?

  put your part to save the planet, go organic !

We are all part of this beautiful planet. We need to treat this life-giving planet with the respect and love it deserves. I’ve recently discovered the extreme pleasure involved in designing and developing your personal organic food supply.

I love my planet, and I needed to do something to help saving it. The first step I took was to sit down and observe nature and its wonders. It is so well designed and well thought out. Everything has a use! There is no waste! This is an important principle we all should learn.

Organic agriculture is just about that, everything is in a state of balance and has a function, a very specific role play. Somehow, we started buying food at the supermarket; we buy plastic wrapped, homogenized, irradiated products. We have no clue on how these products are grown, how they are processed, and where they had been before. Many people don’t know that the average pound of food travels some 1500 miles before sale, crossing many national and international borders.
I wanted to eat real food, pure and grown naturally. I decided to go organic! I began to grow my own food organically. The first tomato I ate from my own labor was a wonder. Nothing has tasted so much like tomato before! I knew that it was the first chemical free tomato I was eating, and to be aware of that was great!

So I invite you to take a leap into the world of organics. Enjoy the freedom of knowing good food and work nature. I’m sure you will share this information with everyone around you. If you want some help, I can recommend you this guide, http://www.familyorganicgarden.com, which helped me in my process of going organic.

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Lets Save the planet with New Energy Sources

The mind set of many people is “Let’s save the Earth with new energy sources”.   The main issue is that governments are slow to implement change because many countries’ economies are largely based upon fossil fuels and their bi products.

Most people, if offered a choice would like to implement their thinking of “Let’s save the earth with new energy sources”.  They would opt for cleaner burning fuels for their cars, cars that do not run on fossil fuels and different options for their home energy needs.

Honestly, if you had a choice between using electricity and paying for it and using other sources of energy that do not cost you a penny, which would you choose?  The reason that most of us do not opt for greener sources of energy is that we are of the belief that we cannot afford these options.

This is simply not true.  There are numerous do it yourself guides available for many alternative forms of energy.  Some of these include solar panelsand wind turbines.  Many of these guides show you not only where to obtain the materials, but also how to assemble and install these devices.  If you can install an alternative source of energy, you may be able to free yourself from the “power grid” and you may also be eligible for special rebates from your local government.

Unfortunately, many people believe that installing these types of new energy sources are a scam.  This is not true either.  These types of new energy sources are not really new, they have been used for a lot of years, it is just that we are now becoming more aware of them since it is becoming very urgent that we change our fossil fuel burning habits and adopt the thinking “Let’s save the earth with new energy sources”.

If you are interested in learning exactly how to save the earth with new energy sources then this is the perfect resource for, Visit this site: http://www.energy4greenworld.com/

How simple energy saving devices can save our Planet 

Saving our earth is our responsibility. Increasing population and increasing pollution are both the results caused by our insensibilities. However, we would not deal with the first proposition. We will deal with how we can save our loving earth in our capacity instead. Our mission can fulfill if we look to using alternative power generation solutions with the help of brilliant Energy Saving Devices. Let’s explore how those devices can save our earth from going gradually into utter degeneration. Already much has been talked about alternative energy saving solutions. To that effect, lots of ingenious devices have been invented. For example, we can name some of them, such as LED lighting bulbs, solar thermal heating systems, photovoltaic arrays, or wind turbines. All of them have shown their effectiveness in generating power without causing harm to the health of our environment. On the contrary, conventional ways of generating power have been posing threats to our existence and the existence of our earth. Power is the lifeline and that is to be helped continue. But, most unfortunately, the conventional ways of generating electricity are exhausting the limited reserves of non-renewable natural resources, such as coal, crude oil, etc. We are though aware of the fact that the reckless use of these resources may jeopardize our lives on earth in various ways. One of them is best discerned in the gloomy picture of insensitive carbon emission rates. The gloomy picture is aggravated by our nonchalant stance towards the great concerning issue. Bear in mind, if this carbon emission rate sustains or multiplies to any greater rates, the day will not be too far to cause our existence perish or come to a standstill.
But, technological developments have rendered us with a number of alternatives and way-outs to save our very existence. They can not only diminish the amount of carbon emissions, but also help us preserve a clean earth and reduce energy consumption costs. They use the sunlight and wind as their source for energy generation. Let’s have a look into their effectiveness.
Solar Thermal Heating Systems: With installing and using these devices for domestic, commercial, or industrial purposes, they can be very productive. It uses a practical technology for healthy hot water production. These solar thermal heating systems are closed loop systems including a heat exchanger in each of them, besides including solar collectors, enameled hot water storage tank. They can fit in any kind of space size of a roof. Suppliers attach all necessary fittings and accessories with the systems. If you follow the manual meticulously, you can install the device on the rooftop or in any open space, with sufficient exposure to the sun.
LED Lighting Bulbs: LED lighting bulbs use electroluminescence theory in generating electricity. They emit more light per watt than the incandescent and CFL light bulbs. LED lighting bulbs can save electricity costs up to 80 to 90 per cent. These bulbs can be installed in any place and used for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes also.
Wind Turbines: Wind turbines are one of the most ingenious means for generating power. In England, Netherlands, wind farming is already a popular concept. These turbines use aerodynamically-designed blades that continue to move on even when the wind blows mildly. Photovoltaic System: Photovoltaic systems are widely accepted as they can generate electrical power by solar radiation. They can work even during cloudy weather, mornings, and evenings. PVs are thought to be one of the most likable energy saving solutions as they can use the Sun rays to the optimum and generate power that enables all electrical fittings work usually all the time. PVs can be used for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes.
Unless a thorough campaign is ensured among all sections of our life, the awareness about the usefulness of these energy saving solutions will hardly come by. However, if we are to save ourselves, we have to take up the responsibility on our own.

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Go Green and Save the Earth!

There are many ways to show sympathy to Mother Nature. It is our responsibility to take care of it so that it may still serve its purpose. First off, we should be aware on how to conserve and limit its use. We have to consider alternatives in order to use its maximum potential. Here are three basic tips on how we can be productive in saving our natural resources:

1. Love the Earth

Gardener Gardening

Gardener Gardening (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is just a must to love our planet. We should always think on how to take care of it instead of contributing on how to little by little destroy it. By showing compassion towards the issues being faced would be of great help in order to ease the present alarming condition of mother earth.

2. Compost

You might be surprised to find out how much trash you make in a year. Reducing the trash will be a big help in order to reduce the crowded landfills, plus composting can produce good fertilizer. On the other hand, waste could be a blessing too, it’s by turning waste to energy; it’s the technology called biosphere technology.

3. Get involved in local tree-planting programs


Gardening (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A single tree absorbs one ton of carbon dioxide in its lifetime. It prevents soil erosion, absorb water and hold soil in which helps in preventing flooding. Planting a tree can also lower down your electric bill for it absorbs the heat around your home preventing from warming up so much plus you can contribute to the advocate of carbon reduction.

For further ways and information on how to effectively contribute in saving the earth, feel free to take a look at SBSC (Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation), building a better world.

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Indoor Gardening Will Save Mother Earth

Climate change is a global issue that is, by and large, given a particular attention by leading government sections from different countries around the globe these days.

Planet No. 16a

Planet No. 16a (Photo credit: sualk61)

The United Nations itself has actually created a much much better campaign towards encouraging each and every person in doing his own part in making it better for the entire earthly environment to make it through the complications of the fast spreading results of global warming on earth today.

However, with the congested sectors of urban cities today, it could not be denied that massive reforestation in the said parts today seem to be much harder to address. With this particular reason, global environmentalists are aiming to increase the interest of each individual towards the truth that they also have tasks in aiming for the remedies that could sere the problems of climate change. One of the said solutions is the progressive cultivation of indoor gardening areas inside the residential houses of the individuals living in the city.

Through good research, it has been pointed out that indoor gardeningboosts the possibilities of saving the earth from the outcomes of global warming and further protecting the urban cities from eco-destruction by an estimated 42%. Through this specific fact, it could then be realized that being able to create a strategy for an indoor gardening hobby could help most for the consideration placed on the security that humans should make for the future of the whole earthly resources.

What is so Special About Indoor Gardening?

As opposed to what others believe, indoor gardening isn’t merely putting in vegetation inside the residence and situating them for artistic purposes. More than this intent, indoor gardening is more of cultivating a group of crops within a certain dedicated area, which could utilize diverse kinds of mediums of foundation for the plantation. It is most likely a miniature version of the actual large-area gardening that is mainly planted in huge vacant lots.

The said process also necessitates the employment of the appropriate indoor garden products that are most suitable for the planned platform of indoor gardening style that shall be established within the said specified area within the house. Since it is to be established inside the house, indoor gardening is a certain challenge to some who might not have any experiences in the said endeavor.

There is nothing to worry, though, since there are quite a few websites in the internet today which are significantly dedicated to giving the indoor gardeners the knowledge that they need to be successful in the process of creating their own indoor gardening site.

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Solar Panels Installation—Saving the Earth, Saving Your Pocket


How long have you been an environment advocate? If you believe that we have the responsibility to take good care of nature the best we can, then you can already try the new way on how to promote green living. That is no other than through using solar energy as a replacement for the traditional electricity which is known to damage the ozone layer.  In order for you to have house powered by the energy that comes from the sun, having solar panels is a must.

Solar Panels—What are They?

Solar panel installation at an information cen...

Solar panel installation at an information center adjacent to Ögii Lake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since this is just your first time to hear about solar energy, you need to know more about what solar panels are. Well, they are the number one devices which you need to have to facilitate the electric energy generation. They are installed at the roofs to catch the sunlight and transform them into electricity through the photovoltaic cells. In order for you to have a house that is powered by solar power, you need to have solar panels.

Two Ways on How You Can Get the Panels

Solar Panels

Solar Panels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first way on how you can get the solar panels without any difficulty is through buying it. Yes, you may not have any difficulty but it will be your pocket to suffer in the end because they are so expensive. If you know that you don’t have enough money, then you can try the second option which is looking for DIY solar panels. This is the most in demand ways today because of a financially challenged world.

The best thing about the DIY panels is that you can do it successfully even if you do not have any experience being a technician. What you just have to do is get a perfect instructional guide that will tell you what the needed materials are. Apart from that, it can also show the right process of the installation through the additional videos it comes with. The trick to make the installation a success is just to look for the right guide.

The solar panels installation is just simple and easy. Who says that you need to hire a professional electrician and pay a large amount of money when you can do the entire job? Now that you already know what to do, you can already begin the process of installation and enjoy the benefits of solar power. It will not just save the earth but your pocket as well .

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buy Earth4Energy.

 Save me Iam the only unique planet   


I am the only planet in the solar system which is unique and I can proudly say-yes I have “life” on me. None of you (Jupiter, Venus etc) have this with you. All these years I used to be proud of this fact. I used to move with my head held up high. But, now I envy you all. I am not happy anymore. What makes me worry even more is that “MY END IS VERY NEAR” I can see it, but I am helpless. I cannot do anything. – “EARTH”

The earth is literally moaning over the devastation the human race is causing to it. This is a very bitter truth with which we all are living. I guess, the truth is growing bitter day after day, but there is no change in our attitudes, in our thinking. We continue to live carelessly as if there is nothing happening. We are living just like “breathing robots”. We have absolutely no time to ponder about what is going on around us. We are just “living”.
Enough is enough.

Global Warming

Global Warming (Photo credit: mirjoran)

One of the biggest problems which are threatening all of us is “GLOBAL WARMING”. Well, many people probably get bored, irritated or are used to listening this term day in and day out. But, this wouldn’t have been a problem at all if we all thought about it just once. The fact that we didn’t, makes the world what it is today.
The intensity of the problem is so severe, that we need to act immediately to protect the world. It is now or never.
As a child I grew up listening to all these impact of global warming. Now I am actually seeing whatever I read. And it is really very sad, that the destruction of the world is continuing at such a fast pace. The analysis and predictions of the scientists are actually being seen everywhere.
Snowcaps are melting. Sea levels are rising. Temperatures are soaring high. No climatic cycles. No proper seasons. Unpredictable natural calamities. No forest cover. In brief, it is a “GLOBAL PANDEMONIUM”
If this continues, then we all need to bear the brunt of nature’s fury within a decade. Well, I may sound pessimistic, but “truth is truth”. It is not that nothing is happening to stop this. There are innumerable summits on climate change every year, so many days which are observed every year in fond memory of our environment. But are they fruitful? I don’t think so.

Satellite image of ship tracks, clouds created...

Satellite image of ship tracks, clouds created by the exhaust of ship smokestacks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is high time now. It is time that we all wake up as individuals. It is time that we realize that we do not belong to any land, country, region, religion. It is time we realize that we all are the dwellers of this beautiful planet. We are those blessed ones, those chosen ones who have the privilege to live on this beautiful planet. So it is our responsibility to restore it to its original face. It is our responsibility to return this planet its lost beauty. It is our responsibility to give back our planet its priced possession-“LIFE”. Let us live and let our planet live.

   Global Warming Debate: How To  

   Save Our Planet

As the human race evolves, technology is developing and rapidly coming to our aid in solving most of our modern dilemmas. Dilemmas which cover a wide range of issues, from simple challenges such as improving the composition of paper-based products to the big global-impact issues of providing a higher standard of living and the state of our planet.

One of the key international subjects which regularly tops political agendas is Global Warming. But inspite of all the rhetoric there is generally minimal headway made in moving to resolve the issue, to the huge disappointment of the world’s population.

Electioneering monopolises the debate in most cases and the serious environmental issue gets pushed into the background.

Further secondary issues are created and the main problem worsened by intransigence.

On every occasion the topic is discussed, vehement discussions ensue from politicians who swan around in large expensive cars, which hoover through the gas, and release massive volumes of smog into the air.

No one wants to stand up and be counted and spearhead the solution. And there is actually no stimulus for them to do so. Conservative politics amply compensates them.

Politics aside, the future, however, looks rosier with further discoveries being made in ways of detecting what causes ozone damage and pinpointing causes of global warming caused by humans.

Solutions range in scope from cleaner and gentler chemicals, to challenging the very foundations of “green” power.

A well-documented move is car-makers getting into the swing of helping save the planet by producing hybrid vehicles, which cause less damage to the environment, consume less fuel, oil and other toxic substances, and rate lower for emissions.

What we really need now is a major change in thinking by Western society, and widespread recognition of the problems we are facing in order to change this situation.

Manufacturers are being persuaded to change their approach by governments who are offering them incentives such as tax breaks to produce cleaner, “greener” items.

Finding ways to lower carbon emissions rates for cars is a must, and it is good to see that the tax incentives are gradually expanding to include other types of manufacturers, so that they too can experience similar benefits in return for changing to cleaner and more energy efficient methods of production.

But does all of this actually benefit all of us in the long run?

Are governments really looking after the interests of their citizens by offering these sweeteners to the big industrial conglomerates?

It is true that many people are all for encouraging programs that promote the use of cleaner power, and less environmentally hazardous chemicals, especially since less “green” methods and chemicals tend to be more costly.

But your average taxpayers are not managing to reap the benefits of trying to switch to a “greener” lifestyle when they examine their own budgets.

Electrical companies are starting to offer “green blocks” of power for sale to consumers, but these blocks are for purchase additional to the normal household power bill, and do not offer savings on the next months bill in exchange for buying the blocks.

Something is way out of balance here: major manufacturers are being co-erced with tax breaks and incentives to develop cleaner methods of operating, but millions of households are not getting that same encouragement.

A positive move to help global warming, would be to create a reward scheme to recognise the small but important things that every household could and often does, easily do such as save power at home.

A simple incentive scheme would lead to millions of watts of power being saved annually.

The amount of power needed world-wide would then be a fraction of current consumption rates, giving power companies the opportunity to participate in cleaning up large areas of industrial wasteland, instead of merely the handful of disused and derelict manufacturing areas they clean up currently.

It would be a fantastic idea to decontaminate smog-ridden towns, and reduce energy usage, so that resources from the earth are not burned relentlessly to supply energy we do not really need.

All the little things that we can do, when magnified globally, would help arrest the annual toll of destruction caused to the ozone layer, and would considerably slow the damage that we earthlings are causing to our very finest asset, our planet.

It is not solely the government or solely the people who should be landed with sorting out this environmental mess.

We all have the power to make individual changes; but it needs the concerted efforts of the whole human race to make the major transformations our planet so desperately craves.

Do something life-changing, ‘Go Green’ today: Click the link below to get a FREE tree planted in your name (a really cool offer, which can also be gifted for free to someone else):


    Six Ways to Save The Planet and

    Save Money at The Same Time

If you have not already implemented certain changes to reduce your consumption of fossil fuels, produce less garbage and work towards a smaller carbon footprint, you can easily achieve a reasonable goal by with these ways to save the planet and save money at the same time:

  1. You are a consumer.  This means you have a certain “voice”.  If you want to save the planet and save money at the same time, you can voice your opinion by purchasing items that have far less packaging than other items.  You can also purchase things in bulk to save more money.  Warehouse clubs offer low membership fees, or sometimes none at all, wherein you can find great deals on every day items.
  2. Recycle as much as you can.  This includes cans, glass, paper and cardboard.  Less waste will save you money ongarbage disposal, and less garbage in the landfills.

    Recycling Português: Reciclagem

    Recycling Português: Reciclagem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  3. Start a compost bin for your kitchen scraps.  All food except meat can be composted, and you can use the composted material to have an extraordinary garden.
  4. Do a self assessment in your home.  Check to see if your windows and doors are properly sealed, assess how much energy you use and check to see if there are ways that you can use less.
  5. If you have an older car, consider purchasing a newer, more fuel efficient one, carpooling with a few people or taking public transportation.
  6. It is relatively simple to build and install your own energy saving products, such as solar panels and wind turbines.  There are many information packed guides available for purchase and download that can show you exactly how to achieve this and where to obtain the necessary materials.

These are a few great ways to save the planet and save money at the same time.  There are a lot of ways that you can work towards being less wasteful and more conscious of your world, and every little bit counts.

Well, I can understand why you might be skeptical, but you don’t have to take my worlds for it, you see for yourself byClicking here.

I m 52 years old, an engineer, my concern in alternative energy for our future green world. Let together to use the altenative energy for our world .

    Saving the Planet with the Use of

    Alternative Energy

© Guerito 2005

© Guerito 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Global warming is a major issue that the world is facing today and will continue to deal with in the next thirty years or more. If there are no proactive solutions to this, all existing life forms, including the human beings will vanish from the face of the earth. Solutions to this have been plotted out by several environmentalists, but the best that people can

The information centre near the base of one of...

The information centre near the base of one of the towers at Wattle Point Wind Farm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

do now is to utilizealternative energy sources.

The present source of energy that is being used by most countries around the world is fuel. Even though it is cheaper and readily available, it poses a lot of danger to the environment, and even to the health of every individual. The green house gasses that it emits can destroy the ozone layer, which in turn can cause for the heating up of the earth. Thus global warming occurs. The slight increase of the temperature can eradicate several life forms, and if this phenomenon continues, every single natural habitat will be destroyed and all living organisms on this planet will just disappear in thin air.

Alternative energy sources are far more different than the fuel source. They do not harm one’s health and they will not crash this planet into pieces. In other words, they are much safer to use.

One example of these is the solar power that utilizes the sun’s light to power generators, which in turn power the city with the electricity that are produced. This type of energy is widely available, and most countries of the world can develop it. Although it is more expensive, but the benefits that it can give to mother earth is priceless.

Another example of alternative energy is wind power. This is considered asthe most advantageous type of energy source because it does not give off any green house gas that can potentially endanger the planet. It is usually developed in areas that are breezy throughout the year, and it cost lesser than the solar power.

Other alternative energy sources that can do good to the earth are tidal power, biomass, hydropower, and geothermal power. Putting these into use will definitely save the planet from the perils of global warming and give the existing life forms, including the human beings, a chance to live longer.

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