How we treet our kids ?

The education and care of children from the most difficult thing facing parents, especially in the early years of their life  because most of what children learn is through these year so educators and academics keen seriously  to see that everything that the child receives during these years within the correct and well thought of  educational templates  .   Therefore  schools and educational  organizations introducing better  curriculum especially in kindergarten and preschools period .
But in the past few years Internet entered our homes and become control our way of life and  put  parents and educators in front of a difficult exam in the face of this  technology, which does not take into account the peculiarities of the people and their habits, and it was necessary to stop twice before this challenge.
We do not say that the Internet is useless or that it is not necessary, on the contrary, that the Internet has opened the doors in front of us we never dreamed in all fields, but we must be very careful in terms of raising children and caring of them while they using  using a private online with a sophisticated mobiles which has become accessible to everyone, especially children hands.
I would like to  introduce you this  YOUTUBE   video as proof of what being   traded online without taking into account if it is beneficial or detrimental to our children .  














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